Project Athena

Amanda GorneyMar 6, '17

Helping women who have survived medical or other traumatic challenges reach new athletic goals and achieve their adventurous dreams.

Soutien Orphelinat Pagala

Amanda GorneyFeb 2, '17

Supporting Dennis Koors, Ultramarathoner at UTMB to fund the costs of education, health, insurance, electricity, and food for the Ste Anne de Pagala orphans.

American Institute for Cancer Research

Amanda GorneyJan 24, '17

"´╗┐Cancer Prevention: Together We Can"´╗┐ campaign to raise awareness that nearly half of US cancers could be prevented by changing our everyday habits and provide support.

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation

Amanda GorneyNov 11, '16

Tour de Broward funds benefit Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in its mission to provide safe, quality, cost-effective patient and family-centered care.