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The Best Armbands for Note 20

Protect your investment with a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 armband from Armpocket. This long-awaited Android phablet is beloved for its high-resolution screen and unrivaled display. The seamless S-Pen and improved camera have helped make the Note 20 the best one yet, and we are taking notice! If you're looking for a great way to enhance the use of your Samsung phone, make sure to grab a running armband from our selection. These bands are uniquely designed to enhance Note 20 as you work, play and live your life.

Protect Your Note 20 While You Work Out

Armpocket armbands are designed for two reasons - to help you protect your expensive tech investment and to ensure that your Note 20 goes wherever you go safely, no exceptions. And every Samsung Galaxy Note 20 running armband from Armpocket delivers on both fronts. Each one is built with protective materials that shield your phone from drops, dust, debris, dirt and sweat. At the same time, our armbands were designed for fitness, so they keep it comfy and secure with a no-slip armband made with plush memory foam and soft bamboo.

We offer various different armband options for your Note 20. From ultra-slim, lightweight styles that don't feel bulky on your arm to protective armbands with built-in storage compartments, there's a style in our selection that feels tailored to your particular preferences. Choose an option with a minimalist design or something with all the bells and whistles. We've also got multiple options that fall somewhere in between - perfect for you Note 20 users who want simplicity without sacrifice. Be sure to explore all options to find the perfect armband!


Up to 7.0"
Max storage for large cases