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Get top-notch protection for your LG phone with these LG G8 ThinQ armbands from Armpocket. We specialize in making runner-designed arm cases that cater to athletes, with features focused specifically on helping you go the extra mile and pushing yourself further! For example, we make armbands for the G8 ThinQ that have zippered compartments for your keys and ID plus reflective materials to keep you safe when you're logging miles at night.

Whether you choose the super-slim and lightweight Racer Edge or the full-featured Mega i-40 Plus, your armband will provide you with long-distance comfort and protection against sweat, splashes and drops. Each one is equipped with a breathable, adjustable armband and comes in various strap sizes for the perfect fit. With luxurious memory foam cushioning and soft lining plus a no-slip design, there's no better way to take your LG on a run!



Up to 6.4"
Minimalist, not case compatible


Up to 6.0"
Sleek, with zippered storage


Up to 6.5"
Zippered, with max storage


Up to 7.0"
Max storage for large cases