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Enjoy everything your Samsung Galaxy S10+ has to offer with these premium running armbands from Armpocket. Designed to fit the Galaxy S10+ perfectly, these bands wrap your device in 360 degrees of protection to shield it from drops, weather and sweat. Implementing eco-friendly, durable materials like recycled plastic and bamboo, Armpocket is the No. 1 eco-armband for walkers, runners and hikers.

We’ve got two different Samsung Galaxy S10+ armbands for your consideration. If you tend to hit the track or trail with your Bluetooth headphones and prefer a slim, lightweight design, we recommend the Racer Edge armband for S10+. If you want the option to plug in your regular wired headphones, the Mega i-40 is an ideal choice. Both options offer an exceptionally comfortable fit for extended wear, with adjustable, vented straps and memory foam padding.


Up to 6.4"
Minimalist, not case compatible


Up to 7.0"
Max storage for large cases