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The Best Slim, Lightweight Running Armbands

Who says your phone (and its running case) has to weigh you down? When you're logging miles and pushing yourself harder than ever, the last thing you want is to be held back by a heavy, bulky or irritating phone case. Designed for athletes by athletes, the Armpocket Racer Series addresses all these problems via its super-slim, lightweight design that won't get in your way. Shop the Racer Plus, Racer Edge and more great running phone cases at Armpocket to find a style that was made for you and the way you work out.

Armpocket offers a slim, lightweight running armband for phone models from Google, Samsung, Apple and more, including styles for many models of the iPhone, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Pixel and others. The great thing about these phone cases is that, though they're designed to help protect your phone and keep it in great shape while you're running in particularly demanding conditions, they don't sacrifice on comfort, durability or convenience.

Finding the Right Armpocket Racer

As you'll see from our selection, we have a few different styles in the Racer Series, including the Racer, Racer Plus and Racer Edge. All Racer models are recommended for use on phones without protective cases, due to their slim design. Note that the main difference between these styles is the size, so please reference the specifications on each one before selecting your model. Additionally, the Racer Edge differs from the Racer and Racer Plus in that it's specifically designed for use with Bluetooth (wireless headphones). The Racer and Racer Plus cases feature multiple audio port access points for use with traditional headphones. Be sure to explore all the Racer Series models to find a style that fits your phone and your preferences.