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The Best Running Armbands for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

A true technological masterpiece, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra boasts a stunning 6.8-inch infinity display and an incredible 108-megapixel camera. With all these awesome features, you wouldn't want to leave it at home while you're out hiking, biking and jogging, would you? Armpocket has created an amazing line of fitness armbands for the Galaxy S21 Ultra so you never have to leave your phone in the glove box or locker again. As always, it's the comfort, durability and performance of the Armpocket armband that makes it an obvious fit for Galaxy users.

Designed for and by Tech-Savvy Runners

Designed for runners by runners, each Samsung S21 Ultra running case has been carefully engineered to maintain all the Ultra's best features while providing you with extras that help you push yourself further and harder no matter what. The Armpocket Mega i-40 Plus is an excellent choice for night runners and those who want to bring a few personal items along for a run. It comes equipped with multiple interior storage compartments - ideal for carrying your keys, credit card, cash and more - and has reflective edges to add a bit of visibility when you're racking up miles in the dark. 

The Armpocket X Plus is equally as impressive for tech-oriented runners and gym-goers, as it provides full-screen visibility that doesn't limit your access to facial recognition and swipe technology. The universal audio ports and memory foam straps make this running arm case ideal for long-distance runs where you need to stay focused on the route ahead and nothing else. All Armpocket running armbands are made with our patented, no-slip strap that's vented and adjustable for a comfortable, customizable fit. No matter which option you choose, you can count on the best in comfort and quality with Armpocket.


Up to 6.5"
Sleek, with zippered storage


Up to 7.0"
Max storage for large cases