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Enjoy everything your Samsung Galaxy S10+ has to offer with these premium running armbands from Armpocket. Designed to fit the Galaxy S10+ perfectly, these bands wrap your device in 360 degrees of protection to shield it from drops, weather and sweat. Implementing eco-friendly, durable materials like recycled plastic and bamboo, Armpocket is the No. 1 eco-armband for walkers, runners and hikers.

We’ve got two different Samsung Galaxy S10+ armbands for your consideration. If you tend to hit the track or trail with your Bluetooth headphones and prefer a slim, lightweight design, we recommend the Racer Edge armband for S10+. If you want the option to plug in your regular wired headphones, the Mega i-40 is an ideal choice. Both options offer an exceptionally comfortable fit for extended wear, with adjustable, vented straps and memory foam padding.



Up to 7.0"
Max storage for large cases