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Tired All the Time? Try Exercise to Combat Extreme Fatigue!

Customer ServiceMay 18, '22

If you're battling tiredness on a daily basis, the solution may be more movement! It seems counterintuitive, but if you're always tired, a great way to boost your energy levels is to make exercise a regular practice.

What are the Best Workout Shoes for Me?

Customer ServiceMay 4, '22

Wondering how to pick running shoes (or shoes for any active activity)? Workout shoes are not "one size fits all" and it's important to select the right shoe for your workout and for your body.

Celebrate Earth Day 2022 with a Plogging Practice!

Customer ServiceApr 19, '22

Plogging is a wonderful choice if you're looking for Earth Day activities for adults that don't take away from your necessary exercise time! Find out how to score a great workout and a clean neighborhood with this unique practice in our blog.

Fit Over 50! Exercise for Older Adults

Customer ServiceApr 4, '22

Staying fit in your 50s, strong in your 60s, solid in your 70s and beyond is easier than you think with these workout routines for older adults. With so many low impact cardio exercises to choose from, you'll never get bored.

The Most Interesting Podcasts to Bring Along on Your Run

Customer ServiceMar 21, '22

Need help figuring out what to listen to while running? If your music playlist has gone stale, try some workout podcasts instead! We've compiled some of the best running podcasts to prevent your runs from getting boring.