What are the Best Workout Shoes for Me?

What are the Best Workout Shoes for Me?

May 4, '22

When I was a kid, we only wore “tennis shoes.” Every activity was done in a brand like Tretorns (did I just give away my age?!). Now it seems we are in the time of running shoes. And we love them for every activity, even if it doesn’t actually involve running.

Here are a few tips on finding the right sneaker for you:

Search based on activity: running, cross-fit, tennis, walking - all require different support. Maybe you need a little extra cushion or more ankle support. Some shoes are better for sudden side-to-side movement, while some work for a consistent stride. If you're one of those people who have one trusty pair of "sneakers" that you use for just about any physical activity, keep in mind that there are likely better options out there that are tailored to your preferred exercise.

Track your usage: sneakers don’t last forever. You can track miles, watch the wear on the shoe, or go by feel, but it’s important to replace your shoes at the end of their shelf-life (about 300-400 miles, or when the tread becomes smooth, if you're running!). Plus, by then, they may have a new fun color that you can coordinate with your other colorful workout gear!

Get fitted: any running store will assess your gait to help you find the perfect shoe for you. Are you one of many overpronators? Do you fall victim to heel strike? Need extra arch support? Feel better in a shoe with a larger toe box? A running shoe store will help you feel your best in your shoes.

Finding the right gear is essential to your comfort and performance. Much like with a protective running phone armband (like a weather- and drop-proof Armpocket), you pretty much want to forget you’re wearing your shoes! Hitting the gym or trails should be worry-free and feel good!



As a side note, there are many organizations that accept worn (in good shape) sneakers. Some redistribute your used shoes to those in need while others break down and reuse the materials to create new items, helping others and keeping many pounds of sneakers out of local landfills. A quick online search will find the right program for you. Being an eco-friendly company ourselves, Armpocket loves this mission!


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Erin is our Sales Manager here at Armpocket. She wears her Armpocket for walking, travel and the occasional jog.