Celebrate Earth Day 2022 with a Plogging Practice!

Celebrate Earth Day 2022 with a Plogging Practice!

Apr 19, '22

Plogging: a fun word for a simple concept. Originating in Sweden, it's the practice of picking up trash while you're out on your jogs, walks, runs, and hikes. Participating in plogging is as easy as taking along some gloves and a lightweight, recyclable bag during your favorite fitness activity. A small bottle of hand sanitizer is a good idea too! Don't worry about getting bogged down by this extra gear. An Armpocket zippered running phone armband will easily store and protect your phone, with extra room to stash your plogging materials until you're ready to use them! This comfortable running phone holder will free up your hands for more important things...like trash pickup!


As we approach Earth Day, it's so vital to remember just how much we depend on our environment to support us during our activities (see how Armpocket supports our planet). We take advantage of our local walking trails and parks in our daily fitness and it's only fair to keep these areas in pristine condition in return. Always keep in mind that we're not just living in our environment--we ARE our environment. And what we do to take care of our world directly benefits us! Here's how:

Better Quality of Life

Many of us take our daily walks or jogs in our own neighborhoods, so on the most basic level, picking up litter that we see along the way is helping to keep our own backyards clean. Having pride in your surroundings and regularly taking responsibility to keep your little slice of the world in the best condition won't go unnoticed. All it takes is one fellow neighbor to see you taking initiative to motivate them to care too! Send a clear message that the health and appearance of your neighborhood matters and you'll notice that others will follow suit to organize their own neighborhood clean up!

Saving Wildlife

Plastic pollution can take an enormous toll on your regional wildlife, from the bushy-tailed squirrels living in the trees that provide shade to the ducks, fish, and turtles that live in your favorite lake or pond. Discarded containers, straws, plastic bags, and bottles are life-threatening to these creatures. Not only can they do harm when ingested, but many animals regularly get tangled up and incapacitated by human-made waste. Every bit of litter that you remove on your jog will be saving the native wildlife and preserving the habitats of these creatures so that more species are able to thrive.

More Challenging Workouts

What's better than a 3-mile run? A 3-mile run where you're also occasionally bending, squatting, or chasing down a plastic bag caught in the wind! Small moves add up and these additions will burn more calories and get more muscle groups involved in your workout. Plus, a bit of variety on long jogs is sometimes just what you need to shake off the monotony of simply putting one foot in front of the other.

So if you were trying to find some meaningful things to do on Earth Day, look no further! It's important that we all take responsibility for the mark we collectively leave on the world. Just because we didn't contribute to the specific litter polluting our jogging paths and bike trails doesn't mean we get to ignore it either. Plogging is the perfect way to combine your Earth Day projects with your regular fitness routine and make the most impact with the time you have. 

Happy Earth Day and Happy Running!