No Such Thing as an Effective Fast Workout? HIIT Begs to Differ!

No Such Thing as an Effective Fast Workout? HIIT Begs to Differ!

Jan 10, '22

We’re a few weeks into the year, and this is when a lot of people fall off the resolution wagon. Aside from being tired or maybe sore as reasons to stop, most people say that lack of time is the primary cause for giving up their new, healthy routine. What if we told you that you could get in a great workout in a short amount of time?

Have you heard the term HIIT? It stands for High Intensity Interval Training and can maximize effort and results while minimizing time. The idea is quick bursts of effort followed by short periods of rest, and repeat. Some exercises that work well are sprints, burpees, jumping rope, squat jacks, or football fast feet (a personal favorite).

Here are a few benefits of HIIT workouts:

You can do them anywhere! A HIIT workout doesn't need to include any equipment and can easily be done indoors, so if getting to the gym is your struggle, this is perfect! Just you, your body weight, and all of your effort! Of course, if you’re outside, bring your phone for your favorite hype music! With your phone tucked away in a drop proof, sweat-resistant Armpocket Armband or belt with sport-grade Velcro, you can churn out those burpees with peace of mind (we know phones like iPhone 13, Galaxy S21, or Pixel 6 come with some hefty price tags, so protection is key when you're looking for workout gear)!



How much time you put in is up to you! A quick workout could last as little as 8 minutes. You could actually add HIIT onto a run if you wanted to break a steady pace and incorporate interval running. The days of thinking that effective exercise requires an hour are way behind us, and we’re definitely happy to hear it! Don’t forget your Armpocket so you can bring along your phone hands-free and easily access your stopwatch to keep track of your intervals!

Work your entire body! Get those legs moving, pump those arms, and work that heart and lungs with this full body workout plan. With those fast paced, energetic moves, nothing gets to rest. And with only short breaks in between, you build endurance, too.

Burn extra calories! Because your heart rate spikes, so does your calorie burn. If one of your New Year’s goals was weight loss, this can help. But don’t underestimate the power of HIIT training for your health, even if you’re already at your ideal weight.

Good for everyone! When the clock starts, it’s you versus you, so from HIIT workouts for beginners to an even more intense Tabata workout for experts, everyone can work to their max potential.

We know staying on track is tough and everyone doesn’t love to exercise, but a quick, in-and-out sweat session definitely makes it easier. Start with an 8 minute circuit of your favorite move and go from there. As always, we’ll be cheering you on!