Best Fitness Apps to Rekindle a Stale Workout Routine

Best Fitness Apps to Rekindle a Stale Workout Routine

Jan 24, '22

One of the greatest hurdles to a regular workout habit is building a routine. But even once we get into the mindset of devoting time every day to our fitness, we’re not immune to other exercise extinguishers. The main culprit: boredom. It’s admittedly tough to have the same level of enthusiasm for the same old 4-mile run once you’re a few months into it. Podcasts and energizing playlists can help, but when you need an extra boost for movement motivation, try out some of the best workout apps we’ve found: 

Weight Loss Running by Slimkit

Run tracker apps are by no means new or even scarce. There are plenty out there (like Map My Run and the Strava app) that work just fine to log your pace and time every time you hit the pavement. The Weight Loss Running by Slimkit app does this as well, but also provides varied training plans to ensure you’re never stagnating. This app utilizes interval training to steadily build you up to your running goals over multi-week programs. But don’t let the name fool you because this app isn’t just for weight loss. They have training plans to help you to start a running habit, work up to 5 or 10k races, and even half marathon and marathon plans! Your runs are broken down into short periods of running, walking, and sprinting and over time, you’ll find the mix of pace builds endurance while boosting speed work. As your plan progresses, so will the difficulty and you’ll be successively challenged to ward off the dreaded running plateau! Looking for other interval training apps for complete beginners? Try Couch to 5K!

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If you’re looking for the best abs workout, stretching tips, or just a convenient way to cross train, this could be right up your alley. Sworkit provides a library of exercises and workout plans tailored to you. Customize your fitness level, type of workout (strength and cardio to yoga and Pilates), equipment you’d like to use (none is totally fine, but so are resistance bands or dumbbells), and perhaps most helpful, you can choose your time. Too often we push off workouts with the excuse that we just don’t have the time today. With Sworkit, tell the app how long you have (even if it’s just 5 minutes!) and get moving. The app also offers fitness challenges, access to their upbeat music library, and optional workout reminders to keep you from getting bored and to keep you coming back!


Can’t fathom a music-less run but getting a bit bored of your playlist standbys? RockMyRun is a tracking app that offers curated music to help you perform at your best during each run. Choose from their existing genre selections or search for your own favorite artists and enjoy your songs seamlessly mixed into a cohesive powerhouse playlist. It’s like being at your favorite club—but while you run! You can also adjust the tempo of your playlist to match your workout and RockMyRun can sync the music to your steps or even to your heartrate monitor! It gets better: the Armpocket community is eligible for a 30-day trial of this service completely free! Now that music is taken care of, grab your sweat-, weather-, and drop-proof Armpocket and hit the ground running!

Charity Miles

What could be more motivating than your miles helping out the charities that matter to you? With the Charity Miles tracker app, you simply pick your charity and earn money for them with each mile you run, walk, or bike. It’s that simple and an effective tool to make sure you push yourself to your appropriate limits. Knowing that just one mile more is not only helping your performance, but also supporting awesome organizations like Autism Speaks, Feeding America, St. Jude, ASPCA, Wounded Warrior Project, Alzheimer’s Association, and so many more is enough to make that extra mile totally worth it.

Zombies, Run!

If you’re the kind of runner who needs more pressing reasons to motivate you to pick up the pace, the zombie apocalypse will likely do the trick. In this app, players (that’s you!) gather supplies, build bases, and complete missions by running real-world miles. Random zombie encounters along the way inspire you to turn on the afterburners by playing the sounds of the undead closing in behind you. With 200 really great missions and multiple training modes like 5K training and free-run, Zombies, Run! is a great choice for the runner looking to escape while putting down miles.


No matter your style, the world of fitness apps has a seemingly endless supply of content to keep you interested and fully engaged in your exercise of choice. Regardless of the workout apps you use next, keep your phone thoroughly protected and your essentials close at hand with an Armpocket running armband for iPhone 13, Galaxy S21, Pixel 6, or whatever smartphone you use on your runs and rides. With storage for your keys, cash, ID, and more, you will never have to prioritize what to take with you—whether you’re running for a cause or just fleeing zombies.