Running Clubs and the Benefits of Group Running

Running Clubs and the Benefits of Group Running

Feb 7, '22

Have you ever thought, “I just hate running alone?” Or, maybe you enjoy running by yourself, but you have running questions and you’re not sure where to find the answers. Need help with your cadence? Want to find new local routes or local 5k races? Struggle to find the right stretch for that pesky ache? Not sure which gear is best? A running club can help!

First, how to find a run club? You can check with the Road Runners Club of America, your local running stores, or ask in neighborhood groups on social media. As simple as it sounds, a quick web search for "running clubs near me" or "running groups near me" is also a totally acceptable way to find one! Then, see what kind of running group is best for you from the available options. They'll all be a bit different. For example, some may be more casual or they may have a run coach, they may divide the group by pace or stick together, they may include membership fees or be free to all. If you’re looking to train for a specific distance or event, you can also find a more focused group that's in line with your current goals.

What are some benefits of joining a running club?

A team vibe: Running can often feel like a solo sport, but when you’re part of a club, you have camaraderie that you might otherwise miss. Meeting up with like-minded people can be a great way to keep your energy high. Who doesn’t love a cheering squad, even on a Tuesday night?! Even if you're in a virtual runners club, knowing that you're part of a team will motivate you to move.

A new route: After running day after day in our own neighborhoods the route can become a little mundane. Running clubs can turn you on to the best local trails that you didn't even know were there! Switching it up can invigorate you in a whole new way.

A jump start: Whether you're a beginner and struggle to pace yourself or you’ve been doing this a while and have allowed yourself to get comfortable, being challenged by others can help you increase your speed or your distance. That’s not only good for you mentally, changing up your runs is also good for your body.

An intro to gear: Invariably, someone will have something that you didn’t even know you needed. If your running club is hosted by a local store, they may even have demos for you to try. Chances are that your groupmates will know all the best products, whether it's a pair of shoes, the perfect energy gel, or an armband to carry your phone. After all, if you're focusing on your mile pace, you don't want your mind on the phone bouncing around in your pocket, or even worse--precariously clutched in your hand! A no-slip, weather- and sweat-proof Armpocket comfortably carries and protects your phone, ID, cash, keys and more. 



So here’s your challenge: look up running clubs in your area, make a commitment to try some out, and add the next meetup to your calendar. When you find the perfect club for you, let us know. We always enjoy hearing your awesome running stories!