Aug 25, '17


I am a professional, working actor and yoga teacher in NYC, who in 2015 found my love of running while training for my first half marathon. After crossing the finish line of the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I was hooked. I quickly became a member of New York Road Runners, as well as signing up for my next Disney race.

So many things happened this past year, the biggest goal I reached was starting the year in January running the Goofy Challenge and book ending it with crossing the finish line of the NYC Marathon in November (both of which I wore my favorite Armpocket belt and used my sleeve during the training for both). I've taught so many pilates classes that I lost count, started teaching Pilates for Runners,  (RUN)lates, at New York Road Runners (the organization behind the NYC Marathon) and completed a 6 month acting contract during training season and just closed another show. Life has been crazy and filled with blessings. As I look onwards into the new year, I have loads of goals ahead, including breaking 2 at the Brooklyn Half, running NYC Marathon again, and training for Dopey 2020. I've revamped my blog ( and am starting to revamp my YouTube channel of the same name. This year will be working on my social media presence and building (RUN)lates and #dopilatesrunstronger, as well as playing Hamlet in April!!!! AHHHHH. 

Running has literally changed my life, both mentally and physically. It has made me a better actor and most certainly a better yoga teacher. I'm thrilled to be an Armpocket Ambassador. My Armpocket has seen me through every race and has held up through every possible condition. It holds everything I needed and never once moved out of place. In fact, I forget that it's even on my arm.

I can't wait to see where I take it next! 


 Laura F, Armpocket AmbassadorLaura F, Armpocket AmbassadorLaura F, Armpocket AmbassadorLaura F, Armpocket Ambassador


Instagram: @laurafrye_nyc
YouTube: Laura Runs and Eats

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