The Ultimate Workout Accessory for Large Phones

The Ultimate Workout Accessory for Large Phones

Feb 11, '21

We are admittedly a society glued to our phones. They keep us connected to the outside world, allow us to stay in touch with friends near and far, track our health, log our running miles, and keep us endlessly entertained. You can be productive and social anywhere with the advent of what are essentially mobile-friendly mini-computers!

We’re increasingly willing to carry larger and larger devices like the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Galaxy S21 Ultra for the technical boons they offer: longer battery life (which is usually the #1 concern of long distance runners), better internal technology, stronger sound (for playing your favorite workout songs like “Eye of the Tiger”), a better camera, and a higher resolution screen.

Since these large screen phones also usually come with a higher price tag, keeping them protected is so important, especially if you’re handing this portable entertainment device to a little one to watch their favorite show or taking it with you for a run. Adding a protective case like an Otterbox or Lifeproof FRE increases the size, but it also gives you peace of mind, in case of a fall.

For many of us, these large cell phones are a lifeline to the world, and so they understandably get toted along wherever we go. Our physically active time is no exception! And if you take your phone on the road or trail, we highly recommend the Mega i-40 Plus running armband, which holds large screen cell phones with protective cases up to 7 inches tall. We know from experience what a hassle it can be to juggle your phone on a workout and we refused to stand idly by while fellow runners and walkers were forced to carry their phones in their hands for easy access! Keeping a tight grip on a massive phone while you’re exercising causes unnecessary strain on muscles and splits your focus from the workout at hand. At Armpocket, we’re strong believers in keeping your mind on your miles (be they running, walking, or cycling) so we made it a point to provide quality gear that addressed this issue!


 "This is so much better than the cheapo thing I had tried from another vendor. Never again will I stray from Armpocket! Even with the otterbox on, my [phone] drops right into the sleeve, and zips EASILY, with no stress on the zipper teeth at all! And it holds in place on my arm! Thank you!  --Edward T."


So many customers came to us asking how to carry their large phones in their large cases, and after 12 months of development, we finally came up with a phone case for running that not only fits a large phone in a large case, but is engineered to be comfortable and resist sliding while running or walking.

Armpocket Running Armband Strap Features

With our patented V-Strap, your armband is evenly secured on your arm and won’t slip! Built-in ventilation along with memory foam backing is so comfortable that you won’t even feel like you’re carrying a small computer on your arm. And with extra room for storage and an ample touchscreen for constant accessibility, this must-have workout accessory is a no-brainer!

With an Armpocket Mega i-40 Plus cell phone armband, you never need to sacrifice size for comfort. So listen to your music from those great speakers, and get your run on without worry.