Running Benefits: So Much More than Just Weight Loss!

Running Benefits: So Much More than Just Weight Loss!

Oct 4, '21

No doubt, you're well aware that running is "good for you," but do you actually know why? The boons of running go beyond just simple weight loss.

Here are five running benefits you should be aware of, perfect for motivating runners to sprint farther, as well as nudging non-runners into giving it a go--we're here for the walking benefits too!

  1. Running Improves Mood and Helps Alleviate Depression

Jogging boosts overall mood and increases blood supply to the brain, as well. Many studies show that even a short run can improve your mood, no matter if you’re in a bit of a funk or struggling to find your motivation. Running for just 30 minutes produces mood-enhancing effects and a feeling of overall well-being compared to your pre-run attitude. Add in an upbeat playlist to take with you in an armband for your phone, and you’ll feel even better! 

So hit the pavement and help stave off depression, shed pent-up stress from your body and enhance feelings of positivity! 

  1. Running Burns Calories and Sheds Excess Weight

You know this one. Combined with the right diet and portion control, running or walking for weight loss is a smart way to get rid of excess pounds. On average, runners burn 100 calories per mile. Running is a great aerobic workout that gets your heart rate up, and can put a blasting cap on body fat bunching up in all the wrong places. 

Higher-intensity runs for longer durations will burn more calories, but these runs can also wear you down. The last thing you want is to injure yourself or be too sore to tackle more miles later in the week. Pushing yourself is the key to improvement, but know your limits to avoid burnout. In the simplest terms, losing weight requires a calorie deficit, so adding a running for weight loss routine to a balanced, heart healthy diet can really accelerate results!

  1. Better Sleep Through Running

Many studies have shown that if you're a runner, regular jogs will help you get a better night's sleep. Aerobic exercise can boost the amount of deep (slow-wave) sleep we get. And it makes sense! Logic would suggest that expending the excess energy we have throughout the day makes it easier to relax your body at night and get to sleep.

It’s best to get your run in at least a few hours before bedtime or earlier in the day. Right after a run, your core temperature is elevated, and your body is still releasing endorphins, which can have the stimulating effect of “waking” you up. A few hours after a run, though, and you’ll be more than ready to conk out.

  1. Running Promotes Heart Health

Running promotes a healthy heart. Even with 10 to 15 minutes a day of running, you’ll likely see vast health improvements. Increased blood flow and a stronger cardiovascular system reduce the risk of heart-related ailments and increase longevity for the majority of dedicated runners out there.

  1. Jogging is Good for the Brain

Running boosts brain function for the young and old(er) alike. For younger runners, it helps them focus and improves memory. The same is true for older people, but running can hold even greater significance for the elderly. As people age, the cognitive enhancements that come from running help keep them mentally agile.


There you have it! No gym membership or expertise required. Just lace up some comfortable running shoes and log those miles for easy health perks. Set yourself up for success by having the right accessories close at hand. When you're in the zone, the last thing you want is to be distracted by your gear! With Armpocket armbands, you'll get bamboo backing, memory foam padding, and a patented strap, to ensure your armband will stay in place. You won't even know it's there. And there's no better way to keep your phone protected from accidental drops, sweat, and rain while you're tracking your progress in your fitness app or listening to your favorite running music playlist or podcast!