How to Start Running (Again): Running Tips to Get You Back On Your Feet!

How to Start Running (Again): Running Tips to Get You Back On Your Feet!

Oct 22, '21

Whether you are restarting after a hiatus or refreshing from being in a rut, congratulations for showing up!  That is the first step (pun 100% intended) and we all know how difficult it can be to find fitness motivation in our errand-packed lives.  Here is the best thing about running: it’s always available and will meet you where you are! So if you're wondering how to start running again, we're here to help.

Let’s start with those of you who haven’t laced up your sneakers in a while.  Maybe an injury or travel or just life had you fall off of your routine.  It may feel like you’re starting a beginner running plan.

If you are showing up daily, and you’re just “off,” we can help here too.  As you run, you might want to stop, you’re not hitting that runner’s high, and somedays, you feel like you’re running through quicksand! You just need some quick pointers on how to get better at running.

Here are a few tips:

    1. Remember what you love about running. Can you visualize your best run?  How you felt?  Your speed?  The strength after?  Focus on creating a positive association with running.
    2. Change up your route! Pick a place you’ve never been.  Run your regular route backwards.  Get dropped off somewhere and run back home.
    3. Find a friend. Whether it’s you best friend or a local running club, there is energy in numbers.  You don’t have to do this alone. And four-legged running buddies totally count!
    4. Sign up for an event that pushes you to stay on track, but that you’ll feel good about doing. Don’t make it such a challenge that you’re miserable.
    5. Mix it up. Don’t forget that strength training helps with running too and gives your body a break.  Grab some dumbbells and build that muscle.
    6. Blast those tunes! Listen to a streaming service or your favorite playlist. When you get lost in a song or story, you might forget how hard you’re working. High-energy tunes also make for great running motivation!  Armpocket can help keep your music and podcasts accessible while also keeping your phone and essentials safe from accidental drops, rain, and sweat!


Running is a lifelong activity, so enjoy it!  We are always here to cheer you on and provide you with the tools to make your workouts a little easier.