Good Morning Exercise: Walking Benefits to Start the Day Right!

Good Morning Exercise: Walking Benefits to Start the Day Right!

Dec 10, '21

Get outside and get fresh air!  Move your body and work those muscles!  We hear it all of the time, and if we’re honest, we already know.  We don’t really need someone to tell us that exercise is good for us, right?  But let’s get specific for a second:  a morning walk.

It's not just about walking for weight loss. If you make good morning exercise part of your daily routine, there are so many other benefits!  Here are a few:

Confidence: Rather than hitting mid-morning feeling like a slug, you can make a big check mark on your to-do list first thing.  When you begin the day with a win (and walking is a good exercise to get that win right of the bat), you’re more likely to carry that confidence on to other tasks.

Energy: The cool air, morning stretches, movement of the muscles soon after waking up, and maybe even your favorite playlist all combine to give you a kick of energy. Take your phone along with you so you can jam out, listen to podcasts, or even catch up on the morning's news. Just make sure it's protected in a drop-, sweat-, and weather-proof armband or running belt to avoid any unhappy accidents on your route!

Healthy attitude: Now that you’ve done something good for you, you are more likely to make better choices throughout the day.  If you’ve gotten up early to fit in morning exercise and burned a few calories, you will probably reach for a smoothie rather than a donut.  You won’t want to undo your efforts!

Muscles: Just moving is great, but maybe add in some body weight exercises along the route to work those legs.  Squats, lunges, and speed intervals are all good options. Or, if you need a bit more resistance, try some ankle weights!  And if you need ideas for a new morning workout, there are lots of free apps to help. Keeping your phone protected in an Armpocket armband makes it easy to track your route with a clear touchscreen that allows you to access your phone at any time without removing it--keeping you hands-free and focused on your walk!



Sleep: We know, we just got you out of bed early, but tonight, you’ll sleep better.  Sometimes a good morning workout has to come first, and that transition can be tough.  But once you create the habit of waking up and moving, your body will adjust and reward you with better, more restful sleep. 

Whether you use your morning walk to think about your day, review your goals, and enjoy a little peace or you meet a friend and chat all of the latest news, this time will be well spent once you start to experience these benefits of walking everyday.  And just like always, we’re here to cheer you on!