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Meet the Galaxy S21 FE Armband

Armpocket is constantly producing cutting-edge armbands to fit the latest and greatest technology, including the newest releases by Samsung. Our Galaxy S21 FE armbands ensure that your expensive tech investment stays in great shape no matter if you're training for a half marathon, spinning away on the stationary bike or crushing your personal best on the weight bench. We make some of the most durable, practical and comfortable running armbands on the market for all kinds of activities, no matter your preferred method of getting sweaty.

Showcasing the S21 FE Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE's most striking feature is the beautiful 6.4-inch screen. The S21 FE armband is uniquely designed to showcase the visually rich display, complete with total screen visibility with a crystal-clear viewing window so you can access your running app, streaming services and more without risking dropping or smudging your phone. Choose the Mega i-40 if you want a weather- and sweatproof touch-through window that provides total access to all the S21 FE's best features with room to accommodate a protective case.

For those who prefer a slim option for a more minimalist feel, the Racer Edge is a great option. It fits the Galaxy S21 FE without a case and has a lightweight, barely-there feel for long-distance runs. Regardless of which Samsung running armband you choose, you can count on the very best in all-day comfort with Armpocket, coupled with the convenience of storage pockets and extreme durability. Our running bands are made with supremely soft memory foam padding and have adjustable, no-slip straps that won't get in your way.



Up to 6.5"
Zippered, with max storage