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Find Your Perfect Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Armband

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one of the best phablets on the market today, offering a massive 6.9-inch display, a 108MP camera and a hefty battery to power it all. At Armpocket, we strive to help our customers make the most of their devices, which is why we've created multiple Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra armband designs to enhance and protect this amazing phone. Our goal is always to help you keep your phone safe while you work out without having to limit accessibility to your music, maps, fitness tracking apps and more.

The Most Comfortable Non-Slip Straps

We offer several different Note 20 Ultra armband options to ensure a perfect fit for you and your phone. This is a hefty phone that offers a ton of power, but its larger size means it would tend to slide or get in your way with a standard armband. Luckily, Armpocket Note 20 Ultra armbands are made with patented no-slip straps that stay secure when you're getting sweaty at the gym, on the trail or in class. You can trust any one of these bands to stay in place and cause no distraction while you're being active. The memory foam and soft bamboo design ensure comfort for your entire workout.

Explore all of our armbands for the Note 20 Ultra to get paired with one that suits your preferences. The Armpocket X Plus is a great choice for Note 20 users who prefer a relatively simple, streamlined design that feels light and aerodynamic on the arm. The Armpocket Mega i-40 Plus is equally as comfortable but features the added benefit of built-in storage pockets so you can easily stash a few personal items, such as keys or cash, while you exercise. No matter which option you choose, you can count on exceptional performance and long-lasting quality with these top-rated fitness armbands.