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Add a Reflective Armband to Your Night Running Gear

Let's face it: sometimes it's not possible to get out for a jog or a ride during the day, especially in the wintertime when the days are short and daylight is in short supply. But lack of light never deterred serious athletes, especially with the help of the right night running safety gear! Armpocket makes some of the best reflective and lighted running armbands for those of us who prefer to log our miles at night or in low-lit conditions. Whether it's 5 a.m.,7 p.m. or there's heavy morning fog on your jog, these reflective and lighted running armbands keep you visible.

We have two main options for those looking to add visibility to their running getup. The first is the 100% Reflective Ultra i-35 Armband, which features eye-catching, reflective fabric that offers safety and visibility up to 500 feet, depending on the conditions. For extra brightness, consider the Flash Ultra i-35 Armband featuring an ultra-bright, multi-mode LED design with three easy-to-change modes that keep you visible. Both styles offer a touch-through window so you have complete access to your tech wherever you go. We've got reflective and LED armbands for iPhone, Galaxy S, Pixel and many more of the top-rated smartphones.

Comfortable, Light-Up Phone Cases

In addition to adding safety to your workout, Armpocket running armbands also protect your phone with their durable, eco-friendly fabric. Comfort and security are the name of the game when it comes to Armpocket armbands, as each one offers a soft bamboo and memory foam design with an adjustable, no-slip strap for the perfect fit. As an added bonus, our phone cases help you streamline your run with easy-glide zippered storage compartments for stashing your ID, credit cards, money and keys as you jog, cycle or lift. There's no better option for the night runner!

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