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Athletes, you've just discovered the world's best runner's armband for Google Pixel. Armpocket's cutting-edge, runner-designed armbands consistently outperform the competitors when it comes to comfort, protection and convenience. Each and every Google Pixel armband in our selection is made with a no-slip grip and a vented, adjustable strap that provides a zero-chafe, zero-slip and zero-bounce experience so you can focus on crushing the route ahead.

We carry a variety of phone armbands for the Google Pixel, ranging from our ultra-thin and sleek Racer Plus to options that feature fully reflective fabric and flashing LEDs to keep you visible (a must for nighttime runners and cyclers). Many long-distance runners love the convenience of the built-in storage compartments in the Armpocket X, Mega i-40 and others. Be sure to check out all of our Pixel armbands to find a style that suits your specific needs.  



Up to 6.3"
Minimalist, not case compatible


Up to 6.0"
Zippered, with max storage


Up to 6.0"
Sleek, with zippered storage