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Equip your Motorola Moto Z with an Armpocket armband to enjoy all its top features while you're jogging, cycling, lifting weights or mowing the lawn. This line of Motorola Moto Z armbands features soft, durable materials to ensure comfort while in motion. The adjustable, breathable strap and no-slip grip ensure your band stays in place no matter how hard you're sweating. And with protection against dirt, sweat and drops, your device will be safe the whole time.

Explore our complete family of arm cases for Motorola Moto Z to find a style that's right for your preferences and budget. The slim, lightweight Racer Plus is a popular option because it offers a barely-there feel and won't add weight or bulk. If you like the idea of built-in storage, grab one of our Mega i-40 models and enjoy roomy, zippered compartments perfect for your keys, credit card, ID and even some spare cash. Armpocket armbands are made with eco-friendly materials, including recycled plastic, so you'll feel good about your purchase!


Up to 6.3"
Minimalist, not case compatible


Up to 6.5"
Zippered, with max storage


Up to 7.0"
Max storage for large cases