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Armpocket makes the best running armbands for LG V40 ThinQ phones, all of which are designed to help you take your phone with you as you run, hike, bike or lift weights at the gym. These wearable phone cases are consistently rated as the best of the best for three main reasons: they're comfortable, they're protective and they're convenient. When you experience the soft lining, memory foam padding and no-slip grip, you'll understand why!

Regardless if you prefer a thin, low-profile style or a full-featured option with built-in storage compartments, your Armpocket LG V40 ThinQ armband will outperform any other option. These cases are made for extended wear and heavy-duty performance, with a splash and sweat protection level of IPX4 to keep it safe from the rigors of the trail or gym. Plus, our armbands keep the device a full 5 millimeters away from your body to meet FCC and government radiation (SAR) safety standards.



Up to 7.0"
Max storage for large cases