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Armpocket's selection of LG armbands includes the perfect LG V35 ThinQ case for the active user who wants complete access to all the phone's best features while running, cycling and generally getting sweaty. It doesn't matter if you choose the durable and slim Armpocket X or the roomy Armpocket Mega i-40 or i-40 Plus, yours will come with athlete-oriented features, like a no-slip grip, built-in storage compartments and cushy memory foam fabric.

All Armpocket armbands are made to provide runners with a bounce- and chafe-free experience for long-distance wear. Each one features an adjustable, vented strap and comes in various strap lengths so you get the perfect fit. Despite the comfort and convenience of these bands, they're still made for protection of your expensive devices, offering a drop-proof, weather-proof and sweat-proof design, with some styles featuring IPX4+ certification.



Up to 6.0"
Sleek, with zippered storage


Up to 6.5"
Zippered, with max storage


Up to 7.0"
Max storage for large cases