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Outfit your LG V10 with game-changing exercise armbands from Armpocket. Our cutting-edge armbands were developed by runners for runners, which means they eliminate so many of the common pain points we've all experienced while being active, like the dreaded strap slippage or painful chafing. Armpocket's LG V10 armbands are made with super-soft lining, cushioned memory foam and an adjustable, no-slip strap that stays put.

We have various LG V10 armbands to suit your workout style. If you like things minimalist or don't want a bulky case slowing you down, consider the Racer Plus. On the other hand, if you want something that can store some of your belongings, including a key and credit card, then you're going to want to either choose the Mega i-40 or Mega i-40 Plus. Bonus: our armbands were ranked the No. 1 eco-armband for walkers, runners and hikers because we use eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic.



Up to 7.0"
Max storage for large cases