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With its oversized screen and bezel-less form factor, you definitely won’t want to leave your iPhone XS Max at home when you’re hiking, biking or training at the gym for your next marathon. Armpocket makes some of the highest rated running armbands for iPhone XS Max, featuring the best in comfort, quality, security and practicality. Offering a patented no-slip arm strap coupled with full-screen access and safe storage for all your cargo - including your keys, credit cards and spare cash - these sports armbands revolutionize how you run.

We offer several different iPhone XS Max armbands to suit your specific activewear needs. If you prefer a thin, minimalist design that won’t add extra bulk or weight to your body, try the Racer Edge. For crystal-clear visibility of your screen and compatibility with Apple FaceID, we recommend the Armpocket X Plus. Lastly, if you want extra cushion and storage space and aren’t especially concerned about bulk or weight, go for the Mega i-40 Plus. All of these products keep your phone protected from moisture, sweat and drops for total durability.


Up to 6.5"
Sleek, with zippered storage


Up to 7.0"
Max storage for large cases