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Home 100% Waterproof Aqua

You're no average athlete, so why should you use an average phone workout case? Armpocket makes the very best specialty armbands for runners, cyclers, kayakers, rafters, lifters and anyone else who loves to get sweaty with their tech in tow. We're all about helping you push yourself to go the extra mile in literally any condition - dark, foggy, wet, windy, cold or hot. No matter which style you choose, Armpocket armbands provide the best in comfort, durability and protection to keep your gear in tip-top shape and to help you stay focused on the trail ahead.

Need a specialty style that matches your specific workout routine? Find a reflective or waterproof armband here that you can take on those particularly challenging workout sessions. The Armpocket AQUA is a 100 percent waterproof phone case that's IPX8-Certified up to 4 feet (1.2 meters) for three hours. Plus, it features a foam backing that makes it float! 

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