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Did you recently snag the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max? You're likely excited about your brand-new phone's incredible technology and larger size, but that also means you'll need to upgrade your iPhone accessories to keep it protected! Armpocket offers a selection of iPhone 12 Pro Max running armbands designed with runners like you in mind, so you can take your new phone along with you on your runs without missing a beat.

Whether you're looking for a fully loaded running armband like the Mega i-40 Plus or something sleek and minimal that feels like it's barely there, like the Armpocket X Plus, we have you covered with a great selection of Armpocket iPhone 12 Pro Max running armbands designed just for runners.

Running Phone Armbands for iPhone 12 Pro Max

At Armpocket, all of our armbands are designed specifically for your smartphone's size and shape. The larger iPhone 12 Pro Max features an incredible 6.7-inch HD display screen for watching videos and taking photos, and our armbands are designed to keep it safe and scratch-free with highly responsive touch screen control. You'll be able to access and use your phone without removing it from the armband, all while the IPX4 splash and sweat protection features keep it safe from the elements and dry throughout your entire run. Our armbands also come equipped with audio port access designed specifically for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Made for Runners and Athletes

All Armpocket running armbands are designed in collaboration with runners, so we're able to anticipate your needs while you're out on a run. We kept the demands of a good run at the forefront of our design for the Armpocket iPhone 12 Pro Max armbands, which feature the same incredibly comfortable, secure fit that all our armbands are known for. You'll find non-slip grip along the straps to keep the armband in place while your phone is inside, as well as memory foam backing to hold it comfortably against your arm without irritation. Shop our entire selection of running armbands for iPhone 12 Pro Max to find one that's perfect for your needs.