Top Tips for Controlling Your Breathing While Running

Top Tips for Controlling Your Breathing While Running

Aug 21, '20

No matter if you run for sport, fitness, or pleasure, you probably want to improve your performance in any way you can. From upping your playlist strategy to investing in a game-changing running armband to joining a running club, there are so many things you can do to enhance the experience.

One thing that has a lot of performance-boosting potential but is often overlooked is breathing. The way you breathe does have a significant impact on the way you run, so find out more about how to control your breathing on a run here!

Why Your Breathing Technique Matters

We probably don’t have to explain to you why breathing is quite literally vital to a good run. It supplies the body with the oxygen, and in turn the nutrients, that it needs to thrive. But there are many different ways to breathe while you’re being active, and the different modes of breathing can change the way you think and move while you’re working out.

Proper breathing brings general benefits as well as benefits specific to runners. When you’re exercising, breathing pumps oxygen into the muscles and helps regulate heart rate. When you’re out of shape and breathing fast, the heart rate spikes and puts stress on your cardiovascular system. For runners, a good breathing technique can mean better pacing and faster speeds.

Top Breathing Tips for Runners

  • Try Rhythmic Breathing — Going far? This is one of our best long-distance running breathing tips! Rhythmic breathing, or breathing to a consistent beat, can help you keep your pacing while running for longer periods of time. This ensures that you can check in with yourself and know that you’re keeping a consistent stride, which is important when you’re training for marathons and distance runs.
  • Breathe with Your Mouth — Breathing through your mouth is ideal for runners because it helps deliver more oxygen to the brain and muscles while also relaxing you and reducing tension in your jaw and mouth. But there’s a problem — most of us naturally run with our mouths closed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t train yourself to breathe in and out through the mouth. Take it slow and don’t worry if it takes time to master.
  • Correct Your Posture — Surprisingly, your posture has a real impact on your breathing. If you tend to hunch throughout the day or when you run, you may not be pumping as much oxygen into the lungs as you could be. Work on correcting your posture while you run, but also while you work and go about your daily life, so it becomes second nature.
  • Try the 3:3 Running Technique — The 3:3 running technique involves taking three steps while you breathe in and taking three steps while you breathe out. You can alter this to a pace that works for you — 2:2 and 4:4 breathing are also popular options. The 3:3 breathing method is best for optimizing energy and performance during easier runs.

That’s it! If you have any of your own breathing tips that help you crush your personal goals, let us know!