Top iPhone Armbands - A Guide to Your Perfect Fit!

Top iPhone Armbands - A Guide to Your Perfect Fit!

Jul 22, '21

We all know that iPhone users are some of the most loyal.  Even if sometimes tempted by the mystery of the Android, most stick with their tried and true Apple products.  After all, with Apple gadgets so interlinked with one another, a phone switch would mean re-evaluating the Airpods, the Apple Watch, and the Macbook too!  That’s a lot of untangling.

So it’s time to go for a run and even most watch wearers will still want to take their phones because we’re all creatures of habit and we hate leaving our precious cell phones behind.  Plus it gives us easier access to our favorite apps for music, distance tracking, podcasts, and more.  And we may want to stop to take a photo, either of something we see along our route or just a sweaty selfie!  How do we protect arguably our most valued possession?

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A fitness armband is an easy choice for phone storage during exercise, but you want one that will offer the best protection while also being comfortable--no slipping, sliding, or chafing.  With Armpocket’s memory foam backing, water-resistant materials, and patented v-strap, you get everything you need!  For added convenience, you even have the option for a belt attachment, meaning the same protective armband can easily convert to a belt and back to an armband depending on your mood!

The good news is that when it comes to iPhone armbands for running, you have a few choices! Even for the brand new iPhone 13 launch! Need an iPhone armband for small arms? Got it! iPhone armband for large arms? Not a problem! Depending on the size of your phone and whether or not you use a protective case, even as thick as Lifeproof or Otterbox, you're covered:

The Racer Series: These are high quality, minimalist armbands that will not accommodate your protective case.  Perfect if all you need on your runs is your phone and little else.  If a sleek and sturdy iPhone jogging armband is your preference, we recommend this route.  With 3 sizes in the series, we can fit anything from the iPhone SE up to the iPhone 13 Pro in multiple arm strap lengths (small, medium, and large).


The X Series: These are a slimmer design with all of the luxuries – zippers, a pocket for storage, machine washable, multiple arm strap lengths.  The perfect middle ground if you want your iPhone armband case to still be sleek, but have a bit more storage than the super-thin Racer series. The smaller version in the X Series, the Armpocket X, is designed for phones like the iPhone X without a case.  The X Plus is case compatible for most iPhone models.


The Elite Series: These are sporty and durable, with enough storage for all of your running essentials.  This line has 3 sizes for the smallest phones to the largest like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, even with a case.  And they all come in 3 strap lengths as well, to accommodate smaller and larger biceps. If you need an iPhone sports armband that will fit your phone, its case, keys, cash, cards, energy gels, chapstick, and more, look no further!


For most of us, leaving a phone behind just isn’t as realistic option.  With the right running armband, you won’t even know you’re wearing it!