Top Healthy Morning Routines to Start for Summer 2020

Top Healthy Morning Routines to Start for Summer 2020

May 28, '20

The things you do in the few minutes after you wake up may set the course for the success of your entire day. Yet so many of us are doing all the wrong things in those crucial first moments — hitting snooze, chugging sugary coffee drinks, relying on quick but unhealthy breakfast foods (no judgment, we’ve all done it). But don’t sink into a shame spiral, because Armpocket is here to help you kickstart your healthy morning routine so you can thrive starting the minute you open your eyes.

Why Your Morning Routine Matters

Does the way you start your day really matter? Actually, yes. Following positive morning practices can help you lead an all-around healthier, happier and more productive life. These small changes can have big implications, helping to ward off potentially life-threatening diseases, including heart disease and diabetes, and combatting feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. Added perks could be weight loss, having more energy and stronger cognitive performance.

Build Your Healthy Morning Routine: 2020 Edition

What is the healthiest morning routine? The answer is that it totally depends on you, your schedule and your individual goals. However, we do know that the most successful people follow many or all of the practices listed below. How do you start a healthy morning routine for summer 2020? Simply combine the following practices into one routine that suits your schedule and personal goals.

  • Wake Up Early or On Time — We all love the occasional sleep-in session, but many of the world’s most successful people wake up early, including Oprah Winfrey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Do your best to avoid hitting that snooze button, as it can only delay your day and cause you to wake up groggy.
  • Practice a 15-Minute Meditation — Meditation is the art of practicing concentration and mindfulness in order to achieve calm and clarity. And there’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular morning routine enhancers out there. Practicing daily meditation has been linked to reduced stress, increased attention span and lowered anxiety, so it’s great before a busy or stressful day.
  • Do 30 Minutes of Cardio — Bust out your Armpocket armband and hit the road (or treadmill or stationary bike), because there’s no better way to start the day. In the summer, the early morning between the hours of 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. is the best time to run, hike or bike because it’s the coolest point in the day. The sunrise and empty trails don’t hurt things either! If it’s still dark out, make sure to run with a reflective running armband or wear an LED safety light to keep yourself visible.
  • Do 30 Minutes of Yoga — It’s a good idea to alternate your morning workout routine, switching between strength training, cardio and flexibility exercises. Yoga is a great way to build flexibility and balance while strengthening the muscles, so it’s a solid choice on the days you’re not planning on going for a run or a swim.
  • Don’t Immediately Check Your Email — The first thing most of us do as soon as we open our eyes is look at our phone and check all notifications. Checking the time and reading your texts is okay, but we caution against going too deep into the digital black hole until after you’ve done a few of your crucial morning rituals. This will prevent you from missing your workout window or starting your day off stressed or overwhelmed.
  • Drink a Glass of Water — We’re not saying you should totally skip the coffee, but consider making H2O the very first thing you consume in the morning instead. A morning glass of water kickstarts your digestive system while rehydrating after sleep, helping your body work as efficiently as possible when you go to exercise, meditate and head to work.
  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast — Starting your day off with a healthy breakfast is key to ensuring that you have the energy you need to thrive starting with hour one. Skip any sugary, processed foods and replace them with nutrient-dense foods that are packed with energy-boosting vitamins, minerals and proteins. Low-fat dairy, whole grains, eggs, nuts, fruits and veggies are essential.
  • Start Off with Positivity — Sometimes we need an extra boost of motivation in the morning to help us get out of bed and push ourselves to do the things we really want to do each day. Whether it be an energizing playlist, scrolling through some motivational quotes or starting your day off writing down the things for which you’re grateful, it’s a great idea to lay the foundation for positivity immediately upon awakening.

More Important Than Ever

In the summer of 2020, we’re all hoping to bounce back after the necessary isolation in the spring, so maintaining good mental and physical health is more important than ever. Practicing healthy morning habits can help ensure that when coronavirus safety measures have been lifted, you get back to normal life healthier and happier than ever before.