Tips for New Runners - September Update!

Tips for New Runners - September Update!

Sep 4, '19

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People ask me why I’m training for a ten miler!  Why not just a 5K?  Why am I spending time running, when let’s face it, it doesn’t come easily to me and it isn’t my favorite thing to do.  Totally fair question, and the answer goes beyond me being stubborn and wanting to push myself.

I have children!  They are just getting into those teenage years and I work constantly to instill confidence in them.  I desperately want them to believe in themselves—in their talent, their heart, their potential and their determination.  And while all of that sounds good, does any of it really matter if I don’t lead by example?

As adults, we get into our routines.  We get up in the morning, drink a cup of coffee, choose the same outfits from our closets, and go to work.  Then we come home, have dinner, go to bed, and do it all again.  Yes, that’s an exaggeration, and it all comes with the enormous responsibility of bills, and relationships, and obligations.  But is that the example that we want to set for our kids? That we go through the motions?


Erin and her son exercising together

If I want my two children to play new sports, try out for the school play, sit next to a new friend at lunch, taste new foods, and believe in themselves, I can’t play it safe.  And so for now, I run.  For my health, for my own sense of accomplishment, and for my children.


Erin from Armpocket

Erin is our Sales Manager here at Armpocket.  While she wears her Armpocket for walking, travel and the occasional jog, this is her first big running adventure.