Tips for New Runners - Race Day Reflections

Tips for New Runners - Race Day Reflections

Oct 17, '19

If you're new to Erin's training journey, check out the first blog installment here and her updates for August, September, and October! 

I did it! Let me start by saying that location is everything, and running 10 miles in Washington, DC, is amazing! I went to college there and the sites and patriotism are like no other. Add in the military flare of the Army Ten-Miler, and I’m confident that anyone could and should run this race at least once.

Army 10 Miler Finish

Between the Vets running with flags, all of the runners with the names of fallen warriors on their shirts, Army guys and gals handing out water, the bands playing, the spectators with signs, and even a giraffe (fake) and a cat (real), cheering us on, the atmosphere was electric!

As for me, I came right in at my dream time. Well, maybe I would have preferred 35 seconds faster, but I will take it. For someone with zero race experience, trying to navigate a crowded route, pacing herself, I am very proud of my finish. This is one coin that I will hold onto, reminding myself of how good it feels to set a goal, create a plan, and crush it.

Army 10 Miler Finisher Coin   Army 10 Miler Finisher Coin

What’s next on the calendar? I’m not sure! I actually feel like I love the 10K distance more than 10 miles, so that might be my sweet spot.

What about you? Tell us your favorite distance and don’t forget to share your race photos with us on social media!


Erin from Armpocket

Erin is our Sales Manager here at Armpocket.  While she wears her Armpocket for walking, travel and the occasional jog, this is her first big running adventure.