Tips for New Runners - October Update!

Tips for New Runners - October Update!

Oct 1, '19

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I was living in that blissful state of training where every run is magical, you’re right on track, and your body feels so good...and then you crash!

First, my second toe on my left foot blistered and was so painful under the toenail. Social media “experts” said my shoes were too small, but a quick trip to my favorite local running store, proved otherwise. I had money in hand ready to desperately buy a new pair of shoes, but after another analysis and measuring, they assured me that I am wearing the right shoes. Their assessment was that I had over-trained the two days before with ten miles total and two strength workouts, combined with super humid weather.

Then last weekend, I went out for seven miles. Two in, I was seeing black floating spots and felt awful. I tried a new gel, hoping that would give me a boost. By mile three, the spots were worse and I had added heartburn to the mix (side note: don’t try a new product on a long run). I really wanted to push through. I also really wanted to sit on the ground exactly where I was, in the rain, and cry. I was so disappointed in myself!

So how do you recover from a bad training run? I had no idea! But with race day (I use the term "race" loosely, as my goal is to finish, not win) looming in two+ weeks, there wasn’t a lot of time to wallow in a pity party.

Erin's Running Tips

I went back to my regular electrolytes, I left my house at 5:30am in cooler weather, I strapped on my Armpocket, lights, and pepper spray, and yesterday I crushed five miles with my fastest pace ever. This newfound high may last or it may not, but thankfully, I’ve learned that my running “career” is not defined by one day or one toe, as it may be.

Time to try again for seven this weekend. Any tips?



Erin from Armpocket

Erin is our Sales Manager here at Armpocket.  While she wears her Armpocket for walking, travel and the occasional jog, this is her first big running adventure.