Tips for New Runners - August Update!

Tips for New Runners - August Update!

Aug 6, '19

If you're new to Erin's training journey, check out the first blog installment here!

We’re into training!  As I’ve learned about other things in the past, our minds are the first thing to cave to the doubt, the desire to quit.  So I tried an exercise the other day, as I was working through a 3 mile run (without headphones!).

I acknowledged and felt every body part, starting with my toes.  I thought about my knee and how, while it is usually the first thing to ache, it was not.  I focused on my stomach, where I sometimes cramp.  I concentrated on my breathing and kept it steady and calm.  And then I thought about my brain and filled it with strong, positive thoughts.

Not only did this kill time and get me closer to the finish line, it also reminded me how strong my body is.  On the days that I might not want to run or that I tell myself that I can’t do it, my body says otherwise.

Added tip to keep your run interesting: Find a cool place to run!  Ending at the beach and seeing these sea turtle nesting areas was a huge bonus of the morning!


Erin spotting sea turtle nests on her run

I would love if you would share your tips on how to work through the mental part!  Do you visualize the course?  Do you recite things in your head?  Any breathing tips?  Any ideas welcome! 


Erin from Armpocket

Erin is our Sales Manager here at Armpocket.  While she wears her Armpocket for walking, travel and the occasional jog, this is her first big running adventure.