Tips For New Runners

Tips For New Runners

Jul 18, '19

Let’s start by saying that I am not a fast runner. I would consider myself a slow, kind of awkward jogger.  But I’m not easily deterred by challenges, so we’re doing this!

I am 40 years old, soon to be 41.  A mother of 2 teens/tweens (possibly running is a desperate attempt at getting out of the house and maintaining sanity).  A home fitness fanatic, after a few years ago reaching 220 pounds and being diagnosed as pre-diabetic. And apparently, crazy, because when all of my friends said “You should start with a 5K,” I said I wanted to set a bigger goal.  And here we are, facing down the Army 10-Miler in October.

I’m a reader, researcher, planner and shopper…all before becoming the actual runner.  Where do I find a training schedule? Can I have my longer runs on Saturday? Will my fitness training match up?  When does training start? Will any friends run with me? Do I need new shoes? Headphones? Playlists? Can I carry my phone?  You know, in case I need to call 911!

The extent of my current running is 3-5 miles 1x a month, just to prove to myself that I can do it—and it’s snail slow.  So I’m going to have to dig in to my highly recommended new internet friend Hal Higdon’s Training Schedule for a 15K/10 Miler:


Training Schedule with Armpocket Running Armband

Official training starts July 22nd!  I’ve already hit my favorite local running store to be fitted for shoes and am trying inserts for the first time.  I’ve tested out a few different water bottles and have been tasting different electrolyte options since July in South Florida = HOT.  In part because of that, and because there is never enough time in the day with kids, work and life, I’ll be knocking out my training runs first thing in the morning—by 6:00am.  And my nutrition is already designed to fuel hard workouts—I eat a lot of fresh baby spinach and protein—so I’m hoping to just add a little of the same if I need it.  

So, my new cheerleaders, follow along here, while I face my fears.   And please feel free to post all of your tips on our social media. I appreciate them more than you know!  Next up: How I get through the first part of training!

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Erin is our Sales Manager here at Armpocket.  While she wears her Armpocket for walking, travel and the occasional jog, this is her first big running adventure.