The Ultimate Armband for the Ultimate iPhone

The Ultimate Armband for the Ultimate iPhone

May 1, '18

“Clearly the best iPhone ever made.” -The Verge

Designed with cutting-edge technology and features in mind, the iPhone X is, without a doubt, the ultimate iPhone. With wireless charging, 12MP dual cameras, and a stunning, nearly bezel-less display all packaged into a beautiful steel and glass enclosure, it’s really not a wonder why it has been widely celebrated as one of the most exciting devices that the company has ever made. To that end, we are equally pleased to announce the launch of our newest armband: the Armpocket X.

Armpocket X - Versatile Carry

Designed from the ground up as the ultimate carry solution for the iPhone X and other bezel-less devices, the Armpocket X features unparalleled protection for your device. From rain to mud to snow, this eco-friendly armband offers superior levels of protection without sacrificing any of the features or functionality of your device.

APX - LifestyleA large, crystal clear window won’t obstruct the display, allowing you complete access to notifications and facial recognition while still inside the armband. The Armpocket X also offers additional storage for those essentials like credit cards, cash, and even a key in one smart, minimalist package. And like our other products, the Armpocket X was created by our dedicated design team with the user in mind.

All of our armbands feature a no-slip fit that is thanks toArmpocket X - Back View heat-activated memory foam padding as well as an adjustable, vented strap that allows for the free flow of air and perspiration during use. Additionally, precision cut access vents provide complete access to charging and audio ports without sacrificing any of the Armpocket X’s water, mud, or dirt protection.

With a variety of active carry options available including arm, wrist, hand, and bike, you’ll always have the carry option that best fits you.