The Stocking Stuffer's Buying Guide from Armpocket

The Stocking Stuffer's Buying Guide from Armpocket

Dec 6, '18

As we get closer and closer to the end of the year, many find themselves (like myself) searching for the perfect gift for those particularly difficult relations in our lives. Luckily, in this week's blog we take a look at five items from the Armpocket catalog that are sure to please.

No Coal Here!

Coal for Christmas?What we've compiled below are our picks for some of the best gift items from our catalog. Regardless if it's a gift for a career runner or that person who always complains about not having any options large enough for their phone, we've got your back this holiday season. 


Go Hands-Free for Christmas


Going Hands Free for ChristmasIndubitably, every holiday season brings with it its own challenges, and at least in my case, they all seem to simmer down to me not having enough fingers, hands, or arms for all the activities. Cooking, wrapping presents, shoveling the snow, and even playing with the kids is made infinitely more difficult without the full use of both hands! So for our first #StockingStuffer, we're looking at not one, but two products that can help!

We now offer two new products that increase the versatility of your Armpocket. The first is a personal fave: the strap extender. The strap extender adds an additional 6 inches to an Armpocket armband's overall length. With this, extra layers and thick, puffy winter coats don't have to keep you from using your Armpocket during the winter months!

As an alternative, the belt converter, which converts any Armpocket armband into a belt isn't only for the winter! Although it works well over layers of sweatshirts and sweaters, it works equally as well during the warmer months, keeping you hands-free during spring workouts or summer miles.

We've Got the Beat...Even in the Rain!

Waterproof headphones from ArmpocketAt every expo, one of our top sellers has consistently been these awesome headphones. Made to endure many of the same conditions your Armpocket is, these headphones boast an impressive 11-hour playtime and more than 720 hours on standby. They come in red, silver, or black and work with all digital assistants like Siri and Google to control your music, check in on your apps and workouts. Probably my favorite feature is the quick charge function which will give you up to two hours playback with a 15-minute charge, and a full charge in just over 2 hours. 

These headphones come with all of the features found in headphones at much higher price points, but our IPX7 rated headset comes in at just $39.95 and if ordered before December 20 (2018), should arrive in time to fill those stockings!

Big Phone? No Problem with the Ultimate Armband!



Mega i-40 Plus

We travel a lot. From trade shows to expos, races to community events, we are extremely proud of the dialog we are able to have with our customers. Over the past couple of years, one topic has come up more than probably any other: carrying solutions for bigger phones! No matter if you're rocking the latest iPhone XS Max or one of Samsung's killer Note series, we've got the perfect compliment in the Mega i-40 Plus. Available in multiple strap lengths and colors, it's the perfect present for anyone with a larger phone, especially those with cases on that they don't want to take off every time they go somewhere. 

The Perfect Pick for the Early Adopter

Armpocket X on Armpocket.comThis year, we introduced the all-new Armpocket X for the iPhone XS and other full-screen devices like Google's Pixel 3. Made for those brave souls who love to get their tech early, this capable armband has all of the features, versatility and, most importantly, protection of our other armbands, while offering users full access to their devices through a crystal clear window. Charging is still a breeze with three pass-through ports on the bottom that can also be used to run tethered headphones and work to keep moisture and dirt out and away from your device.

One of the best features is the ability to use Apple's FaceID and Samsung's Iris Scanner to access and unlock the device without having to remove it. The touch-through window also means full access to your devices' apps, photos, and folders which works especially well when you're on the go!



Everyone Likes to Get a Good Gift (Card)

Gift Cards from

Everyone has someone they have trouble shopping for. For me, it’s my baby brother. No matter how hard I try, his life seems to blur past making it hard to keep up with his current projects or interests. For him, the perfect gift is small and painfully easy to get a hold of every year: Armpocket Gift Card. Available in multiple denominations and sent via email, they also make the perfect last minute gift.