The Running Benefits of Bright and Bold Colors

The Running Benefits of Bright and Bold Colors

Apr 9, '21

When we think "Spring," the image that comes to mind is one of warmth, sunshine, and overall brightness. We're moving past the drab days of winter and getting outside to appreciate the great weather, blooming flowers, and lush greenery. With the world around us getting its color back, it's a wonderful time to follow suit! If your workout gear is more on the functional, simple-chic side (ie: various shades of solid black), we admire your consistency and don't want to cramp your style. But never underestimate the power of a little pop of color! It may affect your fitness game more than you think!

Colors for Safety

In the most practical sense, wearing bright workout gear makes you more visible. If you're sporting a yellow tank top or hot pink running shorts, motorists are more likely to spot you and give a wide berth for your safety. An all-black outfit may be sleek and classic, but it doesn't do you any favors with distracted drivers or on those night runs. It's always a good idea to run with a safety light or reflective gear, but we're firm believers that you can never be too cautious when traversing busy streets. So load up on colorful clothes too!

Pro tip: Armpocket Armbands include reflective piping for your safety!

Colors for Motivation & Confidence

It's no secret that when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you're more likely to perform better in your workout. It's a simple fact, but often overlooked. We're all guilty of showing up for a run or workout in a baggy shirt and sweatpants. Or relegating our old clothes (the ones with the paint stains, holes, or the shirts from 10 year high school reunions) to repurposed exercise outfits. While reusing is always admirable, remember that you're a well-oiled fitness machine and you should look the part. Buy clothes that fit you well and don't be afraid to stand out with colorful tops, shoes, or running armbands to express your style. When you take yourself seriously in your regimen, you increase confidence and can suddenly run faster and longer. And if you can do that by simply donning those funky yellow leggings you've been eyeing or strapping on a jazzy new phone armband, then seize that opportunity!

Colors for Mood

Though the field of Color Psychology has its doubters in the scientific community, the concept of colors affecting mood is not new and we can't deny that certain hues do have an effect on our feelings and behaviors. If we look at the field of marketing, corporate logos and advertisements are often geared toward eliciting certain emotions based on color use. See below for some of the usual associations we may make with certain colors, along with easy ways to incorporate these awesome hues into your workouts with an Armpocket armband! The durability, protection, and comfort you've come to expect from our eco-friendly, independently tested armbands, now in vibrant colors to suit your style!:


Associated with calmness, honesty, and focus. Think: ocean waves or tranquil blue skies.


Associated with passion, playfulness, and daring. Think: a vibrant bouquet of flowers or Barbie's glamorous convertible!


Associated with being alert, happy, and optimistic. Think: road safety signs designed to capture your attention or a quintessential smiley face.


Associated with practicality and being calm and collected. Think: the dignified look of salt and pepper hair.


Associated with energy, excitement, and intensity. Think: spicy chili peppers or a roaring flame.


Of course, despite the generalities, colors will mean different things to different people. Our own personal experiences create individual associations, so don't fret if you don't find yellow particularly cheerful or red at all energizing. Wear the colors that make YOU feel good and bring up the emotions you need for running motivation or to push yourself during your workouts and in your everyday life. And if you're just more of a classic black fan, that's ok too! We have you covered!