Aug 17, '17

We are in the final countdown to Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB). Our friend and sponsored runner, Dennis Koors will hit the trail Friday, September 1 @ 18:00.

When we introduced you to Dennis, everyone fell in love. Dennis is a charismatic ultrarunner with a love for health and fitness. However, even the best runner has to take their training beyond physical.

Mental training is just as important when you are facing a challenge like UTMB. That’s why we decided to sit down with Dennis for a little Q&A about The Psychology of Ultrarunning.


Armpocket: Leading up to UTMB, do you have a mantra that keeps you training hard?

Dennis: Yes. “You cannot become extraordinary or accomplish something extraordinary by being ordinary. Get up and train and prepare yourself".

Armpocket: How does your family inspire you to reach your goals?

Dennis: My father has always instilled in me that if you can conceive and believe, then you can achieve. Making my parents proud is a massive motivator, especially if they're at the finish line.

Armpocket: Are there times before the race that you think about canceling?

Dennis: Never. I think so often that I am very fortunate to have this/these opportunities and to not appreciate them would be a disservice to life.

Armpocket: Right before the race, what do you do to keep your head in the game?

Dennis: I take solace in the knowledge that I did not deviate from my proper training, nutrition, recovery, and overall preparation and that I am as prepared as I can possibly be. Also, that "this is what I trained for."

Armpocket: During the race do you ever think about quitting? If so, what do you do to psych yourself back up?

Dennis: Rarely. The physiological and psychological challenges, pain, doubt, and discouragement are precisely what I am running for and seeking. These are what make the experience life-changing and finishing so rewarding. I try to remind myself that those challenges are exactly what I should be experiencing. One gets either 0% or 100% glory and I ask myself, "how much glory do you want?"

Armpocket: After the race is over, what psychological hurdles do you have to overcome?

Dennis: None. Afterward, I am simply at peace and truly grateful for the enriching and humbling adventure. It feels as though I was gifted something extremely precious.


Do you have any questions for Dennis? Send them to us or post them on social media and tag us and we will try to get Dennis to answer them for you.


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