The Early Adopter's Quick Guide to the 5 Best Galaxy Note 9 Accessories

The Early Adopter's Quick Guide to the 5 Best Galaxy Note 9 Accessories

Aug 16, '18

With Samsung's release of it's latest and greatest phablet, we have decided to take a look at five of the best accessories you can buy right now for the August 24th release. 


5. Screen Protectors

ESR Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Screen Protector

Being one of the most expensive personal expenses in your daily carry, protection is normally most owner's first thought after ceremoniously peeling off all of the protective film. 

Our top three picks were made by evaluating the materials (tempered glass vs. film), protection (amount of screen protected) and features that set them apart from their peers. What we've found is that this is fortunately a great space for innovation and competition which has made available a wide range of good to great products at an exceptionally low price point.

  1. ESR Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Screen Protector ($13.99@Amazon): Great screen protector offers full-faced protection for not only the screen but for the cameras and sensors hidden above it. Curved edges and an industry-high 9H surface hardness rating make this an excellent choice.
  2. Sliiq Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector ($11.99@Amazon): This screen protector has many of the same features of its competitors, but what really sets this one apart is the curved glass and the hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coatings to keep germs, oil and fingerprints at bay while in use.
  3. Venoro Galaxy Note 9 Privacy Screen Protector ($16.99@Amazon): This screen protector is great for many of the same reasons as the two above, but with one big differentiator: a privacy coating. Full-faced coverage, a 9H hardness rating, and a case-compatible fit would already make this a great buy, but if the thought of others peeking at your ginormous 6.4 inch screen freaks you out a little, this might be just what the doctor ordered.


4. Charging Cables

ELECJET 6PIN Magnetic USB-C to USB-C Power Cable 

With so many options available (not to mention the ones included with the phone), it can seem a little redundant to think about additional power/charging cables...that is, until you find yourself without one. Keeping a few extra charging cables, especially now that the march of Android phones seems to be away from Micro USB, is an excellent investment. For those of you who find yourself with new MacBooks or Nintendo Switches will also appreciate the freedom only carrying one cable with you can afford.
  1. BrexLink USB Type C Cable ($10.99@Amazon): One of the most annoying things about charging cables (other than needing to carry them on your person in the first place) is when they pinch, fray, or break. Upgrading your charging setup to braided wire should be an easy upgrade. With the added benefits of being tangle-free and reversible, you could do a lot worse than this USB certified quick charging cable. Plus it works to transfer data in addition to power so it's uses are multiplied if you happen to use USB-C laptops or accessories.
  2. ELECJET 6PIN Magnetic USB-C to USB-C Power Cable ($19.99@Amazon): One of my favorite and merciful options that my previous gen MacBook came with was the magnetic charging cable. I can't count how many times I've stumbled or tripped over the cord when not paying full attention, so it also stands to reason that I would also have this problem with other corded devices. Fortunately, in the case of my cell phone, I am able to enjoy that peace of mind with this cable/dongle duo that barley adds any extra bulk to my already giant phone (currently the Pixel 2 XL). My biggest gripe is having to buy multiple cables to cover my personal needs, which at $19.99 can get a little pricey.
  3. Arukas USB Type C 12-inch Nylon Braided Cable 3-pack ($7.49@Amazon): I think these are self explanatory, but everyone needs a short charging cable. Don't believe me? Think of all the times you had to wrestle with your cables as you tried to stuff your phone, battery, and excess cable into the same pocket. Not ideal. This 3-pack helps with that, at least. Now instead of fighting 6 feet of unruliness, you can instead tuck just a single foot out of the way. 


3. Portable Battery Packs

Portable Power Pack on Armpocket

Another one of life's biggest annoyances when discussing cell phones is their voracious appetite for power. As more and more of us include a portable battery in our everyday carry, this has become one of the most important accessories for a growing number of users. 
What we looked for in power packs was not only capacity, but also features like fast charging and size. Surprisingly, shape was a big factor here as many companies appear to be experimenting with form factor.
  1. Portable Power Charger ($19.95@Armpocket): Perfectly sized and with capacity enough for a full charge of the Note 9 and other current flagships (4000mAh). Equipped with fast charging and a small, lightweight aluminum enclosure, the Armpocket Power Charger also has many of the features of some larger devices in aa fraction of the size, making it the perfect power accessory for your Armpocket armband. 
  2. Anker PowerCore Fusion Portable 5000mAh Battery and Wall Charger ($25.99@Amazon): Absolutely one of my favorite chargers, the Anker PowerCore really sets itself apart from the competition is the addition of a foldable plug meaning you'll never again find yourself searching for an adapter to charge it up or passthrough current to your device.
  3. Anker PowerCore Speed 20,000mAh Power Bank ($55.99@Amazon): For the person who absolutely, positively must charge every device when on vacation, this battery pack almost qualifies to be a Tesla Powerwall. With 20KmAh available in a quick charge and the ability to keep all of your devices charged for days, this is definitely one of the most robust charging devices available. Although many other devices offer Quick Charge 3.0, PowerIQ and Voltage Boost, this is one of the only devices to offer a rock solid 18-month warranty and 1st-party customer service.


2. Phone Cases

OEM Samsung Galaxy Note 9 LED Case

I'm not sure that we can really claim that this or that case is better as this is normally the part of phone ownership where one would flex their individuality and creativity. With that in mind, the following Note 9 cases all offer superior protection with some unique features.

    • Official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 LED View Cover Case ($64.99@Samsung): This premium cover from Samsung offers some of the most popular features from previous generations/iterations. The multifunctional LED case has room to carry cards or cash with you and the see-through LED cover will notify you of incoming calls, messages, the current time, as well as the ability to control some phone functions like music and call answering without opening it.
    • Olixar Sentinel Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case ($29.99@Amazon): One of our favorites for all-around protection, the Olixar Sentinel was built to tackle some of the toughest conditions your new $1000 device is likely to see. Made from a TPU plastic, this great armband also comes packaged with a full-faced screen protector to keep scratches, smudges, and dirt at bay.
    • Krusell Sunne Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (€29.90@Krusell): For those with more refined tastes, Krusell has begun offering its sleek and stylish Sunne cover for the Note 9. Made for the minimalist, it probably offers less protection than the other cases on the list, but still manages to offer users great back panel and face down protection for the Note 9. Available in several finishes, like nude, black, cognac, red, this minimalist case provides protection while also delivering a handsome product.


1. Armpocket Armband

Mega i-40 Plus from Armpocket

One of the most overlooked new accessories, many will set out for the gym or trail on August 25th only to remember that they neglected to plan for their workout. One could easily avoid this frustration by looking at the armbands that will power your workout now! 

Not taking the monicker of being the "Ultimate Armband" lightly, Armpocket offers a variety of carrying solutions that will perfectly accommodate any activity. One of the few accessories large and capable enough to handle the all-new Note 9, the Mega i-40 Plus offers users the same no-slip fit, memory foam padding, and storage that users have come to enjoy in our other models. With multiple strap lengths and colors available, users can comfortably enjoy their activities without worrying about dropping or getting dirty/wet your new brand new device.


*Honorable Mentions

The thing about these listings is that so many other items could have been included. There were a few that popped up as I was researching these that, although not necessary enough to make it to the essentials list, will also still likely end up in your bag or purse.

  • Samsung 256GB Micro SDXC Memory Card ($89.99@Amazon): With expandable memory, this was a close contender for our list of essentials for the Note 9. But with phone configurations beginning with 128GB of onboard storage, this started to look more like a later purchase under greater scrutiny. 
  • Samsung Wireless Charger Duo ($119.99@Samsung): With two slots for wireless Qi charging, this desktop will not only charge two devices (like say one Galaxy Note 9 and a Galaxy Watch) at the same time. Not really necessary for most users, this made it to the honorable mentions list for all of us who share a household with an iPhone X user who also sometimes (read: always) likes to use your Qi charger to top off their device.
  • Maxboost Dual Port Smart Car Charger ($9.99@Amazon): Enabled with quick charge right out of the box, this small dual port car charger also utilizes intelligent circuit design in order to avoid overcharging, short circuiting, and over-currents while in use. 
  • PopSockets Collapsible Grip and Stand ($9.99@Amazon): Now I'll be the first to admit that I don't happen to be a PopSocket evangelist, but their usefulness and versatility is undeniable. Offering users a convenient way to grip or stand their devices on end, these accessories have become wildly popular among those living with the fear of a cracked screens and at such an affordable price point, it's very easy to see why.


So, what did we miss? Any EDC items for the upcoming Note 9 you think we should know about? Leave your suggestions in the comments and as always, please reach out with any questions for the Armpocket team!