Rainbows for Heroes

Rainbows for Heroes

Jun 15, '20

Why Armpocket is introducing our Rainbows of Heroes, Limited Edition armband!:

We couldn’t think of a better way to demonstrate our gratitude for all our Frontline Heroes who are out in the world so that we can live in health, comfort, and safety.

 Thanks to them, we can feed our families.

 Thanks to them, we can receive help in the event of an emergency.

 Thanks to them, our sick and elderly are cared for.

But heroes are everywhere and right now is the time for us to stand together!

We all have work to do to make our world a better place.

Together, we can eliminate racism and prejudice.

Together, we can become stronger as we respect and embrace our differences.

Together, we can unite alongside our friends and neighbors.

Together, we can make a difference.

If you’re out there fighting to stay healthy, keep us safe, help others, home-school, and spread kindness, you are a hero. Thank you for showing up!


In this spirit of Hope, Courage, and Unity, we are launching our limited edition Rainbows for Heroes armband.

Show your support for our frontline workers

Show your support for justice and equality

Show your support for love and respect for others

Show your support for leaving our world a better place for the next generation

We will also show our support by donating 10% of the sales from our Rainbows for Heroes armbands to the Second Harvest Food Bank’s “Fighting hunger. Feeding hope” program.

So keep on staying healthy.

Keep on staying safe.

Keep on helping others.

Keep on respecting others.

Keep on spreading joy and kindness.

Keep on being a hero.

We’re proud to run alongside and stand with you!


About Rainbows:

Rainbows by design are symbols of hope.  After a storm, they show the sun coming through and clearer skies ahead, so they are the perfect way to display our feelings of hope through a dark period.  And along with that comes unity, pride, solidarity, and gratitude.


About Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida:

Second Harvest Food Bank is working daily to fulfill unmet needs in Central Florida through multiple channels.  Their mission is to create hope and nourish lives, and they accomplish that with support from the community.  One aspect of their support is for Disaster Relief, such as the challenge many are facing now through COVID-19.  We are honored to work with them during this time.


About Armpocket:

Armpocket was founded in 2006 by Mark Morgan and Jytte Nielsen, both runners with a passion for preserving the planet. 

In the years since, they have continued to innovate, designing products that keep up with new devices and introduce new features—focusing on comfort, stability, and protection, all while working tirelessly for our environment. 

In addition to a high-quality products, you can feel good about supporting a company that supports others.  From using recycled plastic bottles in our armbands, to preserving our wetlands, to protecting sea turtles, Armpocket is always involved with local charitable efforts.