Our Favorite Home Workout Fails

Our Favorite Home Workout Fails

May 22, '20

Home Fitness is all the rage right now and for good reason—where else are you going to do it? And believe me, we love sharing tips about running and hearing all of the success stories...but let’s not skip over the Fitness Flops. Because we all need something to smile about, and a really good laugh can burn some serious calories while working those abs!

Let’s first dive into the home gym must-haves of the past.

Does anyone remember the Shake Weight? People actually purchased this when it first launched and it still remains a favorite! Not to mention that it’s an ongoing source of laughter on late-night TV! If you have Shake Weight results to share on Instagram, please tag us @armpocket in a post!

Emma Stone tries out the Shake Weight - Jimmy Fallon September ...
And whose mother didn’t join the Suzanne Somers craze for the Thigh Master? I’m sure most households had one of these stored under a bed somewhere. Did anyone actually use it? You could feel it working for sure!

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Now, modern-day fails are often caught on camera for all to enjoy. And Tik Tok has really taken these videos to a whole new level. Whether you’re scrolling strangers or posting your own, we would love to see what makes you laugh!

If the Exercise Class Descriptions From My Gym Were Honest – The ...

cats pushups funny lol animals workouts cat exercise gym fitness ...

Dog animals yoga GIF on GIFER - by Aurilace

And if you need a safer alternative, get outside for a walk and don’t forget your favorite running armband!