5 Inspiring Instagram Personalities to Get you Ready for 2019

5 Inspiring Instagram Personalities to Get you Ready for 2019

Nov 13, '18

With 2018 just about over, it's unfortunately that time of the year where everyone begins to dust off their New Year's resolutions. In this week's blog, we take a look at some of the most motivational social media personalities to help inspire you to reach those goals for 2019!


Who doesn't like a good story?

I forget who said it, but whenever I think of New Year's resolutions (yes, we're at that point of the year already) I'm reminded of a quote I once read that said it was easier to start a thing than to finish it. Agreed. 100%. But what if this time were...different?

Well, to that end the team at Armpocket HQ has compiled a list of social media personalities that we think will help motivate you through the longest miles, the heaviest weights, and the blandest foods. 


Amanda Sullivan - @crutching_tigress

@crutching_tigress on Instagram

Talk about a superhero...

Amanda Sullivan is essentially what motivation looks like. While admiring her personalized pink crutches and effervescent smile, you might have missed the superhero "S" on her chest, but I assure you that she's earned it.

While working as an aid worker, she was involved in a life-altering car crash that limited her mobility. Not willing to give into her newfound disability, Amanda has gone on to be a marathoner, motivational speaker, NBC Spartan Athlete, and a professional adaptive athlete. Her incredible following (more than 103K at the time of this post) tunes in daily for inspiration, encouragement, and for the perspective she provides to the able-bodied about disabled athletes. 

Kenneth Gallarzo - @progressive_calisthenics 

@progressive_calisthenics on Instagram

By tapping into the latest trend in physical fitness, movement training, it's not hard to see why Kenneth Gallarzo has managed to acquire more than 448K followers in just over a year. Focusing on slow, deliberate movements taken from gymnastics, Kenneth has honed his strength and conditioning to a point that lets him do some pretty amazing posing just about anywhere (like, how does this even work).

 Jay Cardiello - @jaycardiello

Jay Cardiello on Instagram

If 24-hour positive motivation is your thing, New Yorker Jay Cardiello's Instagram feed is a trove of inspiration. Probably best known for whipping 50 Cent into shape, Cardiello is also an accomplished author, strength coach, and TED speaker. His feed has funny videos, inspirational quotes, and inspiring stories and he is a very active poster so there's always something new to check out!

Robin Arzon - @robinnyc

@robinnyc on Instagram

If you're like us, the thought of running the streets of NYC holds some special appeal. Lawyer-turned-fitness personality Robin Arzon traded in briefs for breaths a few years ago and hasn't looked back since! It's really hard not to catch her excitement from her feed; almost every image shows the effort, and more importantly, the enjoyment she finds in working hard and finding the fun in a body well-honed. Although her feed is fun to peruse, the real joy is in her IG stories which chronicle a lot of the nuances of living in the Big City.

Jessica Pack - @jesspack_fit, @plankingforpizza

@jesspack_fit on Instagram

Jessica Pack is literally one of our favorite IG personalities right now! With a stated goal of empowering women in the weight room, Jessica fills her feed with lots of progress pics and motivational posts. Probably the best thing about her feed is that Jessica's personal brand of fit can be boiled down to living your best life without the compromise, which I think you'll agree is a pretty powerful message to get from someone you follow on IG!

So who do you follow?

Now that you've seen our picks for some of the folks who inspire us, we want to know who you follow! And don't feel limited to just fitness! What I neglected to include was that my favorites also include cooking, art, and music...not to mention all those addictive hashtags!