Armpocket Armbands for the New iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max!

Armpocket Armbands for the New iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max!

Sep 25, '19

Apple unveiled its newest launches last week and we’re thrilled to share all of the new specs you should expect! The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are already shipping out for preorders, so you don’t have to toil in anticipation for very long!

Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max cameras

Now that you have the newest phone, you need the best gear to protect it! If you're anything like society at large and use Google to find everything you need, you're going to be hit with a lot of options!

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Sure, you'll see a plethora of armbands out there, but not all armbands and carrying solutions are created equal. You should be holding your workout gear to the same standards as any other big purchase. So how do you sift through the "best armband for iPhone 11" results?:


If you were in the market for new running shoes, you wouldn't simply choose the first or cheapest model you see. Your priority would be comfort and support, and your armband should be no different! Is this armband padded and does it come with adjustable, ventilated straps to prevent chafing and moisture build-up? Is it made with soft materials that work with your body instead of against it? After all, you want to leave your workout forgetting you were even wearing an armband....not with a rash.


Nothing is more frustrating than finding an armband that fits your needs only to have it fall apart after a few uses. Make sure the carrying solution you choose is of quality construction and has been tested to ensure it will work as hard as you do. If you're trusting your gear to protect an expensive investment (like a new iPhone!), then it better be able to be put through the wringer and come out the other side ready to take on another workout! Look for water and sweat resistance along with drop and shockproof protection. 


We don't expect you to do the same workout every single day, so you shouldn't settle for an armband that can only be used one way. Along with a customizable strap, find a product that can easily adapt to your exercises. Wearing on your bicep is the standard, but many people prefer their forearm or even their hand. And what about the days that you go out cycling on your local country roads? Minimize the products you'll need to accommodate your eclectic lifestyle by simply purchasing one that does it all!


This goes without saying, but do your research! Find brands that stand by their products and who offer guarantees and warranties because they know you'll absolutely love their armbands. And don't just take their word for it! Read customer reviews and see how real people feel about the armband you have in mind. Other runners and workout enthusiasts will tell it like it is--they're a no-nonsense bunch.

How do I find one that has it all?!

All of this information can be a bit overwhelming, but doing your homework will ensure that you end up purchasing an armband you'll love for years to come. And to save you the trouble of multiple product comparisons and cumbersome 'pro and con' lists, we've already got the Ultimate Armband in mind: Armpocket!

Explore the perfect iPhone 11 armbands here or read more below to find the ideal Armpocket for you!:

  • Minimalist - Looking for a thin, lightweight design to carry just your phone (without a case) and a single card or key? The Racer Edge is the model for you!

Armpocket Racer Edge armband for iPhone 11

Armpocket Racer Edge for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max Button 

  • Zippered + Storage - If you plan on armoring your investment in a protective case and need extra room to accommodate your workout essentials, The Mega i-40 storage armband is the perfect match for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, while the Mega i-40 Plus can tackle your iPhone 11 Pro Max in even the largest protective case!

Armpocket Mega i-40 and i-40 Plus armbands for iPhone 11

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Armpocket Mega i-40 Armband for iPhone 11
Armpocket Mega i-40 Armband for iPhone 11 Pro

Armpocket Mega i-40 Plus for iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Sleek with Zipper - Want something lightweight, but still keep the zippered features plus full-screen access? The Armpocket X and Armpocket X Plus are right up your alley!

Armpocket X and Armpocket X Plus armbands for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max

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Armpocket X Armband for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Armpocket X Plus Armband for iPhone 11 and 11 ProArmpocket X Plus Armband for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Made from eco-friendly materials such as rPET (recycled plastics), Armpocket is the number one eco-armband for walkers, runners, hikers, and cycling enthusiasts. Because of their drop-proof and weather-resistant designs, these extremely rugged, premium-quality armbands achieved a top rating for protection in independent lab tests. The Armpocket Apple iPhone 11 armbands feature a secure, no-slip fit, as well as adjustable and vented straps. With memory foam padding, a soft bamboo lining, and a special winged design, they offer the ultimate in comfort and security.

With my wife and I changing phones often, this is my 4th Armpocket. This Armpocket was purchased for my wife. She loves it. We've always been very happy with them and continue to be amazed. Best product out there. - Jonathan A.

Don’t risk any damage to your precious new iPhone 11. Order your #1 rated Armpocket armband now to be sure it arrives in time for your newest smartphone addition! Trust your best tech with the best running armband!

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