Increase Your Running Efficiency with a Fitness Armband!

Increase Your Running Efficiency with a Fitness Armband!

Jun 25, '21

Guide to Improving Your Pace by Using a Jogging Cell Phone Holder


To get better in any exercise--whether it's running, pushups, or jump rope--we first need to assess our starting point. With a known baseline of our initial capabilities, we can then set attainable goals to improve over time. 

Check Your Mindset

The hardest part of a running habit is starting one. Don't get bogged down in negative thoughts questioning whether you'll be out of breath in the first minute or if you won't be able to hold a jogging pace for long enough. Lace up your best running shoes and get out there. Remember: there's no minimum pace to be considered a runner. If you run, you're a runner--simple as that! 

Set Yourself Up for Greatness

We train to get better and you'll want all the running gear in your arsenal to be steadily helping you toward your goals. Take exactly what you need with nothing to slow you down. That means investing the time to choose quality shoes, exercise clothes with breathable fabrics, and a jogging phone armband that stays out of your way, but still carries what you need. Taking your phone with you on your runs is crucial for a few reasons:

Safety: In the case of an emergency, you need to be able to call for help. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a trail run with no way to reach civilization! 

Motivation: Your phone is a source of endless hours of music, audiobooks, and podcasts that can help you focus your mind so that your body can continue pushing during long workouts. Don't underestimate the power of auditory distraction when your legs are ready to quit! Cue up those power ballads and crush those last few miles!

Progress Tracking (AKA Log Your Jog): With the multitude of running tracking apps out there, you'll have no trouble finding one that suits your needs. And this step is important because you can't improve if you have no clue how you're measuring up! Make sure to log your runs so you have a record that shows your pace improvements. The nifty thing about many of these apps is that they will pop in with notes on your progress through your headphones and state your current pace and time. This lets you know in real-time whether you need to dig a little deeper to hit your desired speed. You don't need to be reaching for 4-minute miles, but maybe you just want to be a few seconds faster than your last run. And having an app that will keep you on pace makes that incredibly easy! It may not sound like much, but if you improve you pace by just a few seconds each run, they'll add up quickly!

Choose the Right Gear for the Job

Now that you know that your phone is just as much a part of your required running gear as your footwear or clothes, you'll want a workout armband that's up to the challenge of carrying it without distracting you from your workout. It's not practical to have your phone bouncing around in a pocket or clutched precariously in your hand! A good workout armband needs to protect your phone from drops, be fully weather- and sweat-proof, be comfortable to wear for extended periods without slipping, and have room to store your essentials without adding bulk. That's a tall order! But it's one that Armpocket Armbands tackle effortlessly! 



Did we mention that these workout armbands also happen to be made out of eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable fabrics? Environmental perks aside, it's important to invest in running accessories that are going to work as hard as you do. Armpocket armbands are the leaders in comfort (we're talking memory foam cushiness and no-slip design), protection (independently rated for drops and water ingress), functionality (fully accessible screens with additional room to store keys, cash, ID, and more!), and convenience (moisture-wicking materials that are machine washable!). These are armbands made by runners, for runners. A fact that's made clear by the thoughtful and durable design.

A new running routine can be tough to start and even tougher to maintain. Smart choices in your gear early on can truly set you up for greatness. The easier you make your runs, the more likely you are to keep showing up for them and the proper running equipment is key to ensure that you're focusing on your strides and nothing else.