How to Stay Motivated When Training for a Marathon

How to Stay Motivated When Training for a Marathon

Apr 22, '20

Feeling zapped of enthusiasm on your marathon-training journey? Don’t let it slow you down! Even the most diehard marathoners occasionally need a little running motivation, and it just comes with the territory. Here are our best running tips for marathon training to keep you going!

  • Take it Slow — Slow down? Marathon running? It’s true, though. Taking it slow is actually the way to go when you’re just getting started. Don’t set out on day one of training looking to crush the whole 26.2. Only increase your distance by about 10 to 15% each week, and don’t be afraid to rev up even slower if you’re not feeling it one week.
  • Track with Apps — Your phone is one of the best tools for staying motivated and on-track while you’re training, so don’t leave it at home! Make sure you have a comfortable Armpocket running band for access mid-run. Stock your phone with motivational apps that let you track your miles and review your progress. You can even raise money for a good cause while you train with apps like Charity Miles.
  • Mix it Up — The enemy of a good training regimen is monotony. Shake up the scenery by getting outside and changing your route on occasion.
  • Learn from the Pros — Find a few running motivation quotes, listen to podcasts with pro runners and scour the web for their advice. This will help you realize that you can do it no matter how much you may not believe it at the moment.

Low-Motivational Days Are Par for the Course

Lastly, remember that you’re not lazy or a failure because you just so happen to be feeling a little less passionate on any given day. Learning how to motivate yourself to run is quite literally a part of learning how to run period, so think of it as par for the course and try to forge forward without getting too hung up in the feelings of defeat. Good luck!