Oct 18, '17

It’s that time of year again. The time for all the ghouls, goblins, witches, and monsters to come out of hiding and swarm our local neighborhoods in search of the one thing that can appease them until next year…candy! Whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, Halloween can be a fantastic time of year to get dressed up, have fun, and eat lots of sweets.

Once you have your costume, you might run into the same issue I have in the past. They never seem to have pockets! Most of us don’t want to carry a purse or bag all night because it will ruin out Halloween look.

Where am I supposed to carry my things? I need my phone, keys, cards, cash, and depending on the customer, a little touch-up makeup. Without pockets, I have had to come up with some pretty interesting ways to carry everything I need during my Halloween escapades.

Oh, and don't even get me started about the rain! I don’t know about you, but October is still hurricane season here in South Florida and a rainstorm can come out of nowhere. So even if you have magically found an easy way to carry your phone with no pockets or purse, but your phone (and makeup) still gets ruined in a freak rainstorm.

Well, it took years of hunting, but I finally found the perfect solution! Pick the perfect Armpocket and all your problems will disappear. Here are a few of the ways Armpocket can make your Halloween Stress Free, Worry Free, and Hands Free!


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Your kids have their costumes on and they're ready to go. You might be walking your neighborhood, driving to another community, or even going to a Trunk-or-Treat event. You want to keep your kids safe and you will be watching them like a hawk. In addition, you'll want to keep your phone, keys, and other personal items on you and secure without having to carry around a bulky bag.

This is where Armpocket comes in.

Armpocket keeps all the important things you need with you and ready to go at a moment’s notice. With our sports grade Velcro, there is no way your Armpocket will come off unless you want it to. We can also protect your phone from a random rain shower or snowstorm, depending on where you live.


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You’ve gone with them every year since before they could even eat candy. Man, I miss the days when I got all the candy and they did all the work.

I digress, it’s time for them to go out, with their friends, and collect their Halloween haul without you. Sure, you will check it for bad things when they get home, but this is still a big step. You are a little freaked out, but they will have their phone on them to check in and call in case there’s trouble.

But how will they carry their phone? If they are wearing a store-bought costume, there is a chance they will have no pockets and no easy way to store their phone.

Armpocket to the rescue!

With our smaller strap sizes and extra storage, your kids can attach a pocket to their arm, wrist, leg, wherever! This gives them a water resistant place to keep their phone protected and handy.


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Now it’s your turn! You have picked out the best costume and you are ready to head to the biggest costume party of the year. Everything looks perfect! Everything, that is, except your purse or wallet that not only doesn’t match your costume, but your costume doesn’t have any pockets to carry anything!

What are you going to do? Are you going to carry your phone in your hand like you did last year…only to lose it in an Uber halfway through the night? Maybe you should find that one friend who will carry a bag and burden them with your phone, ID, cash, cards, keys, and more?

We think it’s time for a better option.

Armpocket will carry everything you need for the party and can be hidden under clothes so you don’t mess up your perfect costume. And, while we can’t promise to protect your costume from random spilled drinks, we can keep your phone safe, clean, and dry while you wow the crowds.


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This is my personal favorite! I love going to big street festivals for Halloween and Dias de los Muertos.

We get dressed up and head out to watch the shows, take pictures of the costumes, and enjoy a night of fun with friends. While I change up my costumes regularly, my favorite is a Day of the Dead makeup with a long, flowing robe. It always draws attention and I regularly get stopped to have my photo taken. The issue I have had in the past is my robe doesn’t have a place for me to carry anything and I end up holding my phone (and other things) in my hand the entire night. Two years ago I even left my phone in a cab on the way home because I sat it down on the seat.

This is no longer a problem with Armpocket!

I can strap my Armpocket to my arm or even leg to hold my phone, keys, ID, cash, cards, and makeup (for touchups) and no one even knows I have it! I never have to worry about losing anything because the dual zippers and extra-strong Velcro keep everything in place.

No more losing anything or ruining my pictures!


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This bonus is a suggestion and a challenge to you! Armpocket is a great way to add a pocket when you don’t have one, but it can also be a very cool add-on to your Halloween costume. Strap your phone to your wrist and give the illusion of a time travel device. Attach it to your forearm and use it as a control panel for your spaceship. Use an extender and wear it as a utility belt tp holster for your lightsaber.

The LED-powered, Armpocket Flash is perfect for this! Add a pocket and some flair to your costumer while wowing your friends. Then, when Halloween is over, take your Flash out for an evening run when daylight is minimal.

The possibilities are endless!

As always, have a safe and fun holiday.


We would love to see how you can integrate the Armpocket into your costume. Post them on social media, tag us, and we will share our favorite pics!


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