Sep 13, '17

Apple has done it again! To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, they have released a special edition called the iPhone X.  Apple's new flagship iPhone was announced September 12 by CEO Tim Cook, “It’s truly amazing how much the iPhone impacts the world every day." And we couldn’t agree more.

Mr. Cook also stated that the iPhone X (that's Roman numeral “Ten”, not “X”) is “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.” The most obvious change is the screen that takes up the entire front of the phone with a lot of extra high-tech bells and whistles.

So, if you're considering a trade in for a new iPhone, you have three new models to choose from.  For me, there is no question I want the amazing advances made by the iPhone X.  With its larger screen, amazing built-in tech, with a sleek, sexy design-- I'm being pulled towards the "X".

I mean, just look at it!

 iphone x

For the price (starting around $1000) that's about $100 per square inch of high-tech real estate-- roughly the same price, you'd pay per square inch to rent a home in Apple's Silicon Valley neighborhood. Nevertheless, testers claim it is worth every penny, and that includes Apple's full-front, "edge-to-edge" screen design-- the key to this magical user experience. But... 

Design Flaw? Not case compatible- Armpocket has the solution

it appears that Apple design engineers failed to realize that any protective case will cover the edges of the expanded viewing and touch-sensitive areas.  But don't slash your wrists yet-  Armpocket has the solution.  All Ultimate Armbands® are loaded with ergonomic memory foam padding for a custom, tailored no-slip fit.  These cushioned beauties are drop tested up to 6 feet and are certified to military standards for ruggedness and durability. Our armbands are the perfect carrying solution to provide the protection normally associated with protective cases, while still enjoying the new iPhones full-front screen.

Certified weatherproof and SPX-4  splash-proof, with all-day (and all night) ergonomic comfort, you can trust your new (and expensive) "electronic lifeline" to the people who design and manufacture the top-rated Armpocket Ultimate Armband.  While others make empty claims of protection and comfort-- Armpocket is the only one with certified test results.  Our patented, high-performance carrying solutions are guaranteed to deliver the most enjoyment and peace of mind when you're carrying your new iPhone.

Okay, that's enough bashing Apple design engineers, and solving the world's problems, the important question is once you've decided which new iPhone is right for you, let's get to the second question...

Which Ultimate Armband is best for your new iPhone?

That all depends on which phone you choose. However, even if you haven't yet decided, here are your "go to" carrying solutions for your new "tech baby".

iPhone X compatible Ultimate Armbands

We have multiple models and styles for the new iPhone X. Want to stay safe on a night run? Try out the Armpocket Flash or Reflective series. Looking to carry everything you need and cover up your screen with a case? Give a Mega i-40 a try.

Click the image below to find the perfect Armpocket for your new iPhone X.
iphone x

iPhone 8 compatible Ultimate Armbands

If you're upgrading to the new iPhone 8, we have the perfect armband for you!  From the slim and sleek Racer series to the "carry more" Elite series, there's something for everyone. You can even try the Armpocket Wrister for a different take on the traditional armband.

Click the image below to find the perfect Armpocket for your new iPhone 8.
iPhone 8 armbands

iPhone 8 Plus compatible Ultimate Armbands

Thinking about going big with the new iPhone 8 Plus...we have armbands that will fit you and your new phone. Reflective, Flash, Racer Plus, and Mega i-40 are enough to protect your investment and give you the peace of mind insurance companies dream of.

Click the image below to find the perfect Armpocket for your new iPhone 8 Plus.
iphone 8 plus armbands


So a new day is dawning on our "must be connected" world. Break out your sunglasses, because it's going to be a bright sunny world with the new Apple iPhones-and even better when you carry it in your Armpocket Ultimate Armband!

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Yours in connectivity,

Mark Morgan

Chief, New Product Development


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